About BBE-Tech: Network and Computer Support

BBE-Tech is a network and computer support business run by Tony Sandoval over the past 15 years.  Based in South Omaha, Tony has worked with quite a few local organizations and schools to improve their networks and computer solutions.

Some of the clients worked with in the past range from local churches such as Our Lady of Guadalupe, to local non-profits such as the Chicano Awareness Center and Saint Johns Cemetery to local schools such as Saint Stanislaus School as well as many others.

Our mission is to bring technology that might not be available or may be otherwise too costly to the small businesses and schools of the Omaha community.  By helping clients to take the most advantage of both proprietary and open Source software, we feel we are able to help the ‘little guys’ compete on a more level field with the companies who are paying much more for the same technology.

Our approach to the world of networking and business computer needs is to do one thing and do it well.  Networks and the servers that power them is our focus.  While we are more than able to provide desktop support and day to day administration, we have done those things for years now, The technology and software available now makes it very easy for ‘laymen’ to handle most of the routine, day to day system administration tasks.  However, the servers and appliances that tie networks together still require someone with an eye on detail and an ability to see how all those individual computers work together as one powerful and efficient network.

We believe in supporting local small businesses and schools and we hope you will help support us in that by considering working with us to improve your network and computer needs.

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