Network And Computer Support

Welcome to BBE-Tech: Network and Computer Support.

Our special focus is working with small businesses and schools., especially schools.  We work with administrators and staff to put into place and maintain wired and wireless networks that are stable and secure, fast and flexible and best of all, help to conserve financial resources wherever possible by utilizing a cross section of proprietary and Open Source technologies. We provide in person consultations and assessments, taking into consideration the needs and objectives of the school staff and students.

For small business owners and managers, we walk them through the various options that will increase productivity in their business and create the most benficial impact without soaking your wallet.  We keep open minds and stay on top of the most current technologies in order to bring you the best of the proprietary and Open source worlds to make your business better.

We work from the server to the desktop and everywhere in between.  Our goal is to provide solutions that make your school or small business successful using the best technology has to offer while saving you from spending unnecessary amounts of capital on technology.

We are well versed in Microsoft Windows server and desktop solutions as well as multiple versions of Linux servers and desktop releases as well.

We can help you implement and maintain your own web servers, email, intranet and internet access services as well as a plethora of potential mixed desktop systems.

We can help you to introduce both the traditional wired as well as the hottest new wireless network technologies to make accessing your systems the best and most productive they can be.

For a confidential consultation to see how we can benefit your school or business, call    (402) 740-1454 today and ask for Tony to see what we can do for you.

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