About What I do

Right off the bat, I am going to say, I am not a “beekeeper” in the traditional sense.

Big Bear – the “Bee Doctor” is in the house.

I make that distinction because the things I do and the methods I use are not always the same as most “beekeepers”.

My business is bee conservation.  I am a bee conservationist.  What that means when I say that is, my goal is to keep bees that are already living, alive.

I do live bee removals like “cut-outs” from walls of buildings, rooflines, garages, etc..  I will take tree sections that have been cut by yard services.  I do trap-outs, swarm captures, whatever it takes to keep bees alive instead of having them killed un-necessarily.

We work with honey bees, mason bees and bumble bees.  I should explain that “we” is myself, my wife and my kids.  This is a family endeavor.  We all play with bees, even the youngest.

There are plenty of commercial and hobbyist bee breeders out there.  Though I do raise bees and will sell them, under certain conditions, that is simply a by-product of the main work.

I am not primarily a honey producer, though I have some hives that I keep to make cut comb honey  and other honey to keep and let people try.  I am trying to keep newly relocated bees from live bee removals, cut-outs and swarm captures alive.  They need that honey a lot.

I do not put anything inside a hive besides bees, frames and maybe a screened bottom board.  IF I use foundation, it is very much in the minority.

Chemicals, specifically meaning natural or synthetic formulated pesticides, are not allowed in my hives under any circumstances.  Other IPM methods such as entrance reducers, etc… are the only methods we use to encourage colonies to adapt and develop strong survival traits in the face of mites, pesticides, mice, beetles, moths, pathogens and everything else the bees must face day to day.

The last thing bees need is to be killed out of fear and ignorance.  I understand many people don’t want bees sharing the same living space with them and that’s ok.  Our message is that we can get those bees out just as any pest management service provider can.  We do everything we can to help the bees be taken alive and keep them alive.  The bees don’t necessarily have to die just to have them removed.

I am licensed in the state of Nebraska as a pesticide applicator in structural/health and turf & ornamental as well.  I focus on providing Integrated Pest Management services to residential and business customers as well as to area beekeepers.

“Bee Doctor” service is offered to those who want hives maintained on their property, but they owner themselves do not are or not able to maintain the hives themselves.  This is where the “Bee Doctor” (yours truly) steps in to maintain the hives on behalf of the hive and property owner(s).

Please help us to keep bees alive.

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