Bee Chi, a discipline for the art of beekeeping

Tai Chi is a form of martial art that is used in modern times to help the practitioner with self discipline, self awareness and exercise.

It’s more than that though.  Tai Chi also, in the course of doing it, increases and establishes muscle memory via movement repetition so that performing various moves becomes second nature to the practitioner.  The movements become ingrained so much so that the practitioner performs them almost without thinking about them.

This allows the practitioner to maintain mental focus on the entire situation and be better aware of their surroundings as well as staying in control of themself.

The form and function of Tai Chi relate very well to beekeeping.  However, where Tai Chi relates to a martial art, Bee Chi relates to beekeeping.

The mental and body disciplines are the same.  Beekeepers need to concentrate on movements that support having the body strength and flexibility to work with bees and hive equipment.

Beekeepers also must be in control of every movement.  When working with bees a beekeepers must remain calm, cool and collected at all times.

Confidence in action and deliberate slow, controlled movement help to keep bees calm in the hive.  It is the control over their thoughts and emotions that keep beekeepers able to work in a hive steadily and fluidly.

Bee Chi’s movements are the movements of working at the hive instead of the movements of self defense.  The flow and repetition of Bee Chi’s movements help the beekeeper perform tasks relating to moving and handling hive equipment ingrained and instinctive to the beekeeper.

By allowing the muscle memory to “take over” the routine movements, the beekeeper is then better able to focus their mind on the “what and why” of their work in the hive.  The “how” is being built into them through repetition.

Yes, the name “Bee Chi” might sound a little silly to some people.  It is based on very successful methods and application strengthening.  It can help beekeepers of all ages to improve their beekeeping activity, use their movements and muscles more wisely and improve their self control while working with bees.

I will begin offering instruction in “Bee Chi” in the Omaha area soon.

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