The Mission

The Goal of BBE-Tech Apiary Services

The reason I do what I do is to keep bees healthy and alive that might otherwise and unnecessarily have died or been killed.

Services Offered

I do swarm captures and live structural nest removals as an alternative to having pest control technicians kill what might be a viable honey bee or bumblebee colony.

I provide education, coaching and hands-on training for beekeepers on sustainable, organic and treatment-free methods that incorporate Integrated Pest Management strategies and tactics.

Beekeeping coaching session to inspect hives.

I provide apiary and hive inspections and certification for apiarists wanting third-party, objective appraisal based on measurable, established standards.

Hive Management Objectives

I “keep” bees according to an Organic process beginning with an assessment and determination of stress vectors that might lead to colony failure.  I use a management approach that can take up to four years to “prove out” a given colony as able to be self-sufficient enough to be treatment-free.

Once a colony has “proven” itself as self-sufficient and viable, it is moved into “production” and it becomes a genetic source of locally adapted “survivor” stock that new queens are produced from and made available to area Organic apiarists to build strong, local hives from.