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What’s The Buzz In Big Bear’s Workshop

As some have noticed, I use this website here at bbe-tech.com to present information about the services and products I provide directly.  Things that I “Do” for people.  I present a mixed media focus on the the things I want to share and facilitate for others on the Bee Smart website (beesmart.bbe-tech.com) Between the two, I am busier than a one legged man in a hop frog contest.

This is the time of year I focus on three primary aspects of beekeeping leading up to the super busy Spring.

  • Performing Apiary/Apiarist planning sessions
  • Teaching beekeeping classes at Metro Community College
  • Building custom order hives for people interested in the Big Bear Special Hive (my version of a production organic hive) and assembling hives for those wanting to use conventional hives.

Though I focus mostly on those three areas this time of year, I also still do my R&D wax work designing and producing different kinds of candles (such as my ultra, super-awesome Shotglass Candles).

I had been selling my candles but I think no more.  I like to make them.  But as beekeeping is my business and day to day work, (which I LOVE, by the way)  I think I want to keep my wax works as a hobby.  giving them away as gifts, using them at home when the power goes out or whatever other reason I can think of to burn a candle or make lip balm or skin salve or wood protector.

I can make soap and all kinds of stuff out of beeswax.  I teach classes on how to do it at MCC.  But for an “regular” thing as part of my business or the like, I don’t want to make them for the purpose of selling them anymore.

I have to admit, my shotglass candles are very exciting to me because they make FANTASTIC gifts when matched up to a custom shotglass with a design on it that has a special connection to the person it’s given to.  You should see my new set of shotglasses I got just for around the house.  These are for me but I will will show you all a picture of them with the candle in it beecause it’s just TOO COOL!

Today in Big Bear’s Workshop: Wax Day

Mondays are beeswax working days in the workshop.  Today’s objectives are to finish “tubing” a batch of lip balm and to finally get the “shotglass” and “firecracker” candles out of R&D.

My new batch of wicking finally showed up so that I can get the candles their last test(s).  I already have people wanting to place orders so wax days are going to bee busier in the near future.

One of the myriad of things to figure out when wicking beeswax candles is not only based on the quality of the wax and the diameter of the candle but also if the candle is a taper or a container candle.

Personally, I tend to prime wicks for taper and votive candles that stand in or on holders that allow for melted wax to flow away from the flame.  For candles that are in containers which tend to keep the melted wax contained around the flame in a pool, I tend to use unprimed wicks.