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Service Levels

Rates are based on how soon you need the item delivered.

Same Day. $10.00 + $1.50/Mile

The lowest rate level for those who just need to ensure the item is delivered by End Of Day on the same day of pickup.  EOD is by 6 pm (or 5 pm if delivery point closes by then) to accommodate delivery to most businesses.  Same Day P&D can be scheduled up to  one week in advance.

4 Hours Rush. $16.00 + $1.50/ Mile

Rush level service arranges for Same Day P&D within 4 hours of scheduled pickup or call in.  Same Day P&D can be scheduled up to  one week in advance.

2 Hours Direct. $20.00 + $1.50/Mile

2 Hour Direct Priority service ensures that P&D is completed within 2 hours of scheduled pickup or call in.  There are no intervening deliveries and the item(s) are taken directly and immediately to delivery point.  Same Day P&D can be scheduled up to  one week in advance.

Mileage is determined by Google maps location.  Mileage is calculated beginning at the point of Pickup using the fastest route to the Delivery point.


The delivery area range service is available for is 20 miles radius of Omaha.


The driver will NEVER ask for a tip.  While tipping is greatly appreciated, tips are considered a compliment, and are never expected or assumed.  A tip is taken to be a token of the customers appreciation for the driver providing exceptional service and consequently must be earned.

Client Accounts

For those looking for a recurring or regular occurring pickups and dropouts, it is possible to set up a client account.  Client Accounts receive a discount and access to an app to schedule P&D’s on their own as well as offering the ability to track progress of P&D’s.


In most cases, payment is taken at the time the pickup & delivery service is arranged.  Usually an invoice will be sent via email with a link that can be used to pay online.  When the transaction is successful, the service is scheduled.

In limited situations the Driver is able to accept cash, check, credit card (Via PayPal) and PayPal payments at the completion of the delivery.  All P&D’s must be paid for at the time of delivery.  Billing is only accepted for established client accounts.

BitCoin is also an accepted form of payment as well.