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My rates system is designed to be transparent so that customers can get a fair estimate of the cost themselves by knowing basic information such as pickup and delivery addresses, total weight and what the weather looks like.

While anyone could try to compete with my rates, you will find that they can’t even get close the quality of service I provide in expertise and experience.  In short, with me, you get the very best service at a very affordable price.

Standard P&D –

$7.50 base plus $.075/mile from pickup point “Door to Door” Pickup and Delivery.  Mileage is determined by Google maps location to location lookup.

Inclement Weather – 

Add $5.00.  Any time the weather service has issued a storm “Warning”, travel becomes increasingly difficult and dangerous.  When the City issues a travel warning, all courier activity will cease immediately until conditions permit safe travel again as determined by Bee Line P & D.   Any pickups or deliveries that are interrupted by weather stops will be delivered first thing when it is safe to travel, possibly the next day.  There are no refunds for weather interruptions.  Driver safety ALWAYS comes first.

Overweight –

Add $1.50 for each 10 pounds over fifty.

Stocking Fee-

Add $15.00.  The driver is more than willing to unload packages and place them in the location designated upon arrival.  Carrying groceries into a house and placing them into a designated area for example.  Taking packages into a particular office and placing them into specified storage areas is another example.  


The driver will NEVER ask for a tip.  Tips are considered a compliment.


In most cases, payment is taken at the time the pickup & delivery service is arranged.  Usually an invoice will be sent via email with a link that can be used to pay online.  When the transaction is successful, the service is scheduled.

In limited situations the Driver is able to accept cash, check, credit card (Via PayPal) and PayPal payments at the completion of the delivery.  All P&D’s must be paid for at the time of delivery.  Billing is only accepted for established client accounts.

BitCoin is also an accepted form of payment as well.