Metro Mentors

One of the greatest aids to helping beekeepers bee successful is having a good mentor or coach.  Unfortunately one of the biggest concerns I am told about is that there aren’t many volunteer mentors available and that many considering being a mentor are unsure of stepping up to that role.  It can be intimidating to some people.

BBE-Tech Apiary Services wants to help the mentors in the Omaha/metro area.  In order to help people be confident and capable of being a good beekeeping mentor, the Metro Mentors program has been started.

By registering to become a Metro Mentor through BBE-Tech Apiary Services, you will have access to the following:

  • Access to the “Mentoring T, T & H” Workshops offered on a quarterly basis.
  • Access to an exclusive forum area of the Bee Smart website forum in which there is a Q & A area to get information from Big Bear and an open area to talk with other Metro Mentors.
  • Access to a monthly Newsletter, the “Metro Mentor”
  • Being listed on the Bee Smart website as an official Metro Mentor so that new and potential beekeepers can find and contact you.
  • Discounts on scheduling beekeeping classes just for your mentors instructed by Big Bear.
  • Access to a teaching napkin which groups can work together to see specifics firsthand and practice specific skills.

Discounts on Professional Apiarist Certification testing by BBE-Tech Apiary Services.

The “Mentoring T, T & H” workshops (Tips, Tricks & Hacks) are designed to help beekeeping mentors get training and information specific to teaching and training beekeepers.

The workshops are offered quarterly in order to focus on seasonal tasks and environmental issues.

The teaching apiary is scheduled as it becomes available and only with the head apiarist (Big Bear) present.

To join the Metro Mentors resource community program only costs $10.00 a month and is available on a month by month basis.  You decide when and how long you are part of the program.

Follow the link button below to visit the Bee Smart Patreon page and select the Metro Mentors option to get started.