Local Hookup

People frequently ask me where to get things or who to get information or help from that isn’t in an area that’s in my wheelhouse.  I can’t do or know it all and I would hate to even try so I won’t even pretend to.

So I will hook you up with the right people and places to get great products, service and help from. Right here on this page.

Gardening Services/Coaching

Gardening Products/Service

Beeswax Crafts Supplies

Are you looking for materials and supplies for making beeswax candles, lotions, waxes, and more?  This is where to go.



People often want to know what kind of computer I recommend installing GNU-Linux on.  I say that unless you’re setting up a professional office network, getting a good condition used laptop or desktop is preferable.  Listed below are places I recommend obtaining good equipment from.


Goodwill Good Bytes.  4115 S 72nd St, Omaha, NE 68117.  (402) 935-4552