For Sale


I am currently taking pre-orders for 5 frame nucs of Italian bees.  These are 5 full frames of bees, not 4 frames and a feeder.  The supplier is a professional pollination and honey production beekeeping family business from the Great Plains.  Nucs will be available for pickup at the end of April 2017.  Nucs will be delivered in cardboard nucs boxes that are included in the price.


Nucs prices are $140.00.

Supplies are limited.  ALL nuc orders must be fully paid at time of order.  “Dead Out” nucs received may be returned within 24 hours.  IF nucs are still available, all dead outs will be “swapped” for another, “good” nuc.  If no nucs are available, returned Dead Outs will be refunded, but ONLY if returned within 24 hours of pick up.

Beekeepers purchasing nucs are responsible for the health and feeding of the nuc hives upon pick up of the nucs.  Swap outs or refunds will NOT be made for nucs not hived or taken care of appropriately after pick up.

Nucs orders may be paid for with cash, check, credit card, PayPal or Bitcoin.  Extra fees may apply to accommodate Credit card, PayPal or Bitcoin payment processing.

Please call Tony at 402-370-8018 to place order and arrange payment.  Orders for nucs left as a message will NOT be accepted.  If you get the recording, please state your name, best phone number, best time to contact you and that it is in relation to ordering bee nucs.


Besides the varied specialized beekeeping services we offer, We also provide “Direct” beekeeping product related support as well.

This includes assembling and repairing  hives parts and building custom hives.

Selling bees raised from the locally rescued swarms and removals we do during the year is of great interest.

If you would like more information on direct beekeeping offerings, please call Tony at 402-370-8018.

Cedar Oil

Cedar oil can be an effective part of a beekeeping IPM program.  I sell two types of cedar oil that can be used to that effect.  Please call Tony at 402-370-8018 to place an order for cedar oil.

RTU (Ready To Use) oil based non-toxic cedar oil.  Great for spraying on inside of hives, on skin, and on interior structural treatments.  Each 4 oz bottle is $10.00.  

Concentrate (water base) cedar oil.  Best used in exterior and grounds treatments.  Each 4 oz bottle of concentrate makes 1 gallon of prepared solution. Great for treating grounds around hives to eliminate Small Hive Beetle larvae that are pupating in the grounds near hives.  Each 4 oz bottle of concentrate is $10.00 each.