For Sale

Beek Broker

Hey folks.  due to that I interact with so many beekeepers in the area, I often get calls about providing help in liquidating their beekeeping equipment if someone decides to no longer keep bees or if they are moving and intend to start over in a new location.

So let’s try something and maybe create another situation in which everyone wins.

People are informing me of equipment and bees they need to sell.  I will inform you here of opportunities of bees and equipment that beecome available.    If you are a potential seller, I need photos and an itemized list of what you have and some information about everything.  Usually I get those last details in a phone call or message.

I am a private beekeeping coach, an instructor of beekeeping classes and a contract manager for small local business apiaries so I get to talk to a lot of people looking for bees and equipment.  If you are a potential buyer, you will keep checking this page for new stuff to be added, things that are sold to be removed and any changes in stats on items such as lowered prices, etc…

Me beeing honest up front to allow people to make an informed decision, I get a percentage of the total price the items sell for.  No, not a very big one, pretty standard for the brokering beesniz.

Extra related services

I can, by request and at the expense of the party making the request, do inspections and certifications of the bees, inspect and certify the quality of the equipment and arrange delivery or shipping for appropriate related costs.

Let’s get this wagontrain rolling, shall we?