From the book “Beekeeping Basics” published by MAAREC  available as a free PDF download in our “Free Downloads” page.  Anything I add will be in italics.


• Check colonies for honey stores.
• Continue emergency feeding with frames of honey, sugar candy, or dry sugar, if necessary.
• Continue to prepare equipment for coming season.
• Clean up dead colonies.

Events, Activities & Workshops

On this page, you will find information about various things we are “up to” around the Omaha/metro area.


IPM Workshops:  Learn about various general and specific methods and controls that fit into a beekeeping IPM plan.  Different topics covered to fit into any aspect of beekeeping IPM.

Cedar Oil in the Apiary – Learn how to to use Cedar oil in a variety of ways as part of a comprehensive apiary IPM plan.  TBA

The Bottom Board – How to use the bottom board multiple ways as an active tool in your apiary IPM plan rather than just a place to sit your hive boxes on.  TBA

The Quilt Box – It’s not just for Warre hives and it’s much more than just a modified shallow super.  FInd out how this handy piece of hive equipment can help your bees better survive a Local Great Plains Winter.  TBA



Bee Smart with Big Bear:

What: I will have an open booth ready to answer questions and provide information about bees, beekeeping and how it relates to growing plants.

When: Sun, March 26, 12pm – 3pm

Where: 303 Saddle Creek Road, Omaha, NE 68131