From the book “Beekeeping Basics” published by MAAREC  available as a free PDF download in our “Free Downloads” page.  Anything I add will be in italics.


• Check colonies for honey stores.
• Continue emergency feeding with frames of honey, sugar candy, or dry sugar, if necessary.
• Continue to prepare equipment for coming season.
• Clean up dead colonies.

Events, Activities & Workshops

On this page, you will find information about various things we are “up to” around the Omaha/metro area.


IPM Workshops:  Learn about various general and specific methods and controls that fit into a beekeeping IPM plan.  Different topics covered to fit into any aspect of beekeeping IPM.

Cedar Oil in the Apiary – Learn how to to use Cedar oil in a variety of ways as part of a comprehensive apiary IPM plan.  TBA

The Bottom Board – How to use the bottom board multiple ways as an active tool in your apiary IPM plan rather than just a place to sit your hive boxes on.  TBA

The Quilt Box – It’s not just for Warre hives and it’s much more than just a modified shallow super.  Find out how this handy piece of hive equipment can help your bees better survive a Local Great Plains Winter.  TBA



Bee Smart with Big Bear:

What: I will have an open booth ready to answer questions and provide information about bees,  and beekeeping.  I will have a live observation bee hiveon location as well.  Come learn about beeswax crafts and craftsmaking at the new Home of Beeswax Crafts, Mangelsen’s!

When: Saturday, May 13th 11am to3 pm.

Where: Mangelesen’s at 3457 South 84th Street | Omaha NE  68124




 Organic Beekeepers Retreat

A camping trip that’s also a comprehensive beekeeping course all rolled into one event.  Get six in-depth beekeeping classes, intermixed with hands-on applied skills sessions working with live bee hives. At the end of the retreat, receive a certificate of  completion from BBE-Tech Apiary Services.  

10 participants per retreat.  Retreat registration cost includes 2 dinner meals, 2 breakfast meals and 1 lunch meal over the course of the retreat.  A clean, and maintained portable restroom unit is onsite.

Participants are responsible for their own camping gear and equipment as well as food or drink as desired or preferred outside of that which is provided.  Gear necessary includes; tent(s), sleeping bag, cot, personal and hygienic items, etc…

If you require medicine in case of allergic reaction to bee venom, please bring it with you.

Hats, veils and beekeeping gloves will be available.  Please wear appropriate clothing such as heavy denim jeans, boots, long-sleeved thick material shirts or any beekeeping personal protection equipment if you have it.  Also bring comfortable clothes to wear when not actively working with live hives.

This is an outdoor environment.  There may be a number of other insects such as ticks, chiggers, mosquitoes, etc… that you may want to be prepared for.