BBE-Tech Apiary Services is dedicated to facilitating a successful beekeeping experience.  Part of that is accomplished by providing hands on services and another part of that is through education and certification.

I offer a variety of educational classes designed to provide useful and practical information to people to achieve a more successful beekeeping experience.  Some of the classes are offered as “personal enrichment” classes at Metro Community College in the Omaha/metro area, meaning they are are offered as a way for any individual to increase their personal level of knowledge and skill as a beekeeper.  

Another avenue is to offer classes and practical skills application opportunities as part of a specific program to prepare oneself to offer services and products in a “for-pay” or professional situation.  To that end, I offer these classes and sessions to private groups and individuals as part of preparation to take certification exams for professional level certifications that are endorsed solely by my business, BBE-Tech Apiary Services.

Currently, the testing aspect of the certification programs is under construction.  Once the testing  side is complete, I will open it up to arranging for testing and issuing certifications.