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Technology is wonderful.  With the ability to order everything from groceries to food from restaurants that normally don’t deliver we can get what we want to fill our tummies and our pantries without leaving the house.  Or at least without shopping in the store.

We can even order parts, tools and equipment online and just pull up to pick them up.  How cool is that right?

One company’s name has come to represent a new model of delivery.  “Uberization”.  Now I bring, or come closer to bringing this delivery model and pricing model to the package courier world.

There are times we need things done directly:  

  • A part you need that you can’t go get.  
  • The grocery pickup order when the kids are sick or the car is broken.
  • You’re in the middle of a job and need a new tool or materials.
  • You have a busy day and can’t be everywhere at once.

I can help you deal with all of these things and more.  On the same day if not immediately.


I am an authorized independent agent for the SkipTheDishes food courier service.  I take great pride and put my very best effort to deliver food orders to customers complete, intact and as it should be.  If it’s meant to be hot food and/or cold food, then the food will be hot and/or cold as expected. 

I implement tools and equipment that not every most food delivery people do not use in add addition to the typical food carriers.  Adding extra stabilization and insulation to ensure that the food order arrives as expected.  I use custom carriers designed with insulation and protective features.

I am a highly reviewed courier that makes every effort to exceed customer AND restaurant expectations.


Call 402-370-8018 now to schedule your P&D

I reserve the right to refuse any call for service based on a number of factors, especially those that exceed the Driver’s ability to satisfactorily complete current list of P&Ds, weather complications, safety concerns, callers with a history or reputation of harassment or being unnecessarily complicated, among others.

My fees are based on a flat rate plus mileage.  Keep in mind, this is a custom direct service so everything is almost literally a “Bee Line” from the pick up location to the destination.  I don’t do collection points and accumulation courier service.   The rates are based on “by-the-job” service. you have the whole vehicle for your delivery each time.  Whether I am delivering one small box or the whole van is packed full.  Also, every delivery is a “rush” delivery with no other delivery intervening.

My target market

  • Residential:  People at home.  Whether you work from home, homeschool, have a day off or are having a bad car day, I can pickup and deliver everything from groceries to packages from collection points (think UPS Store) to items ordered online or otherwise from local stores, shops and more.
  • Small Business:  From self employed to SOHO to the small Mom & Pop or family business.  I can help you get deliveries to customers, do store transfers, pickup things you need and much more to help you keep on focus and profitable.
  • South Omaha:  I would love to help South Omaha get more done, be more productive and be more profitable.  If it’s coming from or going to South Omaha, I have a special interest in it.

Contact me at 402-370-8018 now to get your stuff picked up and delivered.

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