Courier Services

“Bee-Line” Custom Courier Services From BBE-Tech

Call 402-370-8018 now to schedule your P&D

 End Of Day (EOD) Delivery

Pickups are made within an hour or less of being called in and delivered by the end of that service day (6pm).

Expedited Delivery

Pickup is made at pickup point in an hour or less of being called in and is delivered within 4 hours or less.  Last call for Expedited service is 1 pm daily.

Direct Delivery

Pickup and delivery in 2 hours or less.  Driver is assigned to arrive at pickup point ASAP then take your item(s) directly and immediately to the destination point.  Last call for Direct service is by 3 pm daily.


Call 402-370-8018 now to schedule your P&D

I reserve the right to refuse any call for service based on a number of factors, especially those that exceed the Driver’s ability to satisfactorily complete current list of P&Ds, weather complications, safety concerns, callers with a history or reputation of harassment or being unnecessarily complicated, among others.

You can use the Contact page to email for an estimate or call 402-370-8018 to get an estimate or arrange for service. 

2018 Rate Sheets are available upon request to those anticipating weekly or more frequent service.

Service can be scheduled up to one week in advance.

My target markets

  • Residential:  People at home.  Whether you work from home, homeschool, have a day off or are having a bad car day, I can pickup and deliver everything from groceries to packages from collection points (think UPS Store) to items ordered online or otherwise from local stores, shops and more.
  • Small Business:  From self employed to SOHO to the small Mom & Pop or family business.  I can help you get deliveries to customers, do store transfers, pickup things you need and much more to help you keep on focus and profitable.
  • Community Organizations:  Whether a Not-For-Profit or a profitable civil minded organization, your clients might greatly benefit from and appreciate the availability of services like On-Demand and Last Mile pickup and delivery.  Seniors, mobility impaired, and other special consideration situations can directly benefit from more personalized service.

Reasons To Use  Bee Line P&D


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