Assembly and Installation

I bring a lot of experience in assembling and installing a variety of types of home and office furniture, equipment and shelving/racking.

Tables, desks, cabinets, shelves, counters, etc…  if you want it done right, I’m the guy to call.

I also bring a lot of experience in warehouse and garage pallet racking and shelving to bear.  I’ve helped many a small business person by getting their heavy racks and shelving assembled and installed right.

I run wires for computer networking, install switches, fixtures and other items in office, home and workplace settings.


I am also able to provide a variety of repair services.  I can repair and replace fencing, both chain link and wood privacy fences.  I am able to repair shingle roofing, vynil siding, interior drywall and sections of cement, among others.

Whether it’s needed in a house, commercial building, camp ground cabin or apartments, I can help you get things fixed and working right.