Bee Services

S.O.Bee Apiaries

S.O.Bee Apiaries is my own production operation of honey, beeswax and bees.  This is an experimental apiary operation that heavily focuses on organic and conservation beekeeping practices in a (hopefully) production operation.  Not only does S.O.Bee Apiaries function as a production apiary system, but it is also the primary training apiary operation for the Apiarist Trade training and certification programs offered here at BBE-Tech Apiary Services.

Apiary Development, Management and Apiarist Training

BBE-Tech specializes on helping businesses, Community organizations and Educational programs to create and manage successful apiaries allowing them to harvest products of the hive and offer opportunities for community engagement, trade training as an apiarist and even job creation in the Apiary trade.

You may hire BBE-Tech Apiary Services to design and create an apiary that meets your needs, goals and objectives.  BBE-Tech can provide education and training to fill voluntary or paid positions of Apiarist, Apiary Manager or Master Apiarist.

All participants of BBE-Tech training that complete the full training program will receive certification by BBE-Tech Apiary Services as an Apiarist, Apiary Manager or Master Apiarist upon successful evaluation and testing upon completing each level of training.

Contact Tony “Big Bear” Sandoval at 402-370-8018 to schedule an appointment to find out how to become successful in the Apiary trade.

Bringing service and support to you

I offer beekeeping support services, hive and apiary management and inspection services, live bee nest removal services and beekeeping instruction/training services.  The overall objective is to help area beekeepers bee successful.

I also provide several specific repair, assembly and installation services for local property owners, property management businesses and other businesses.  The objective here is similar in that I am working to help people get things fixed or achieved to help them and their business be successful while allowing them to focus on doing what they do best instead of trying to be and do everything themselves.

Please visit the different service description pages below to get a better idea of the services and support I bring to the table.