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It’s Fall again, Your place is looking pretty good to pests right now

When the weather cools down, it’s not just people that want to come inside. All sorts of pests want to share your dry, warm space.  If there are ways to get in that you aren’t seeing or know about, so … Continue reading

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New Place for Blog Posts

Hello everyone,  I have created a Google Blogger site for all the posts and articles  I do about playing with bees.  It’s called “Naturally Scientific Beekeeping” This will combine all the posts regarding bees and beekeeping that I would otherwise … Continue reading

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Chemical pesticides, how what, why and when

Last post,  I talked about how chemical pesticides can fit into and be a part of an overall IPM (Integrated Pest Management) plan.  This time, I’ll go into a little more on how I implement this in the work I … Continue reading

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How I do beeznis here.

I believe there is a way things should be done.  There’s not simply just one right way or wrong way to do things, there can be many  or just a few “right” ways to do something.  The point is, the … Continue reading

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Do they really protect bees?

If you should ever be in the need to call a pest control person in regard to handling bees on your property AND if you are concerned for the bees, in that you would prefer the bees be kept alive … Continue reading

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Let’s talk about baits and traps for a minute

Baits are pretty common in the pest control business.  They have their place as part of an overall plan to be sure.  Having said that, they are not “the” plan and they are not a solution in themselves. Baits are … Continue reading

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Small Business Special!

Omaha small business owners, this is the deal you have been looking for! BBE-Tech presents the Small Business Special! Monthly service plans starting as low as only $45.00 per month.  Everyone knows how tight belts are in this economy.  Everyone … Continue reading

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Why do we charge for live bee removals?

The media has set a poor precedent for most people by proclaiming how much beekeepers want to “save” bees.  The misconception that most people have is that beekeepers will always come and take bees at no charge.  They assume that … Continue reading

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Coming soon

We will be adding another store to our list of partners who will carry the Evictor and Nature’s Defender-PCO natural and non-toxic cedar oil pest sprays. Hopefully as possible as soon as next week, 3-18-2013, these products will be able … Continue reading

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BBE-Tech welcomes a new partner

We now have a fourth store carrying our line of natural, non-toxic pest sprays, Evictor and Nature’s Defender-PCO.  Jane’s Health market in Benson on 61st and Maple St. This allows us to provide these great cedar oil based pest sprays … Continue reading

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