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Now offering “Certified Natural” Apiary Inspections

I am now making available certifying inspections for beekeepers seeking “Certified Naturally Grown” certification of their apiary and honey products.

This certification inspection is included at no extra cost to current and future “Beekeeper Coach” clients.

I will also offer the certifying inspection as a one time visit for only $45.00 (a 1 hr booking even though it is a 2 hour inspection, saving you $45.00).



Have You Been “Uber-ized”?

“Uber-ized”  a term that has come to mean becoming a self-employed person.  You work on a contract or 1099 basis and everything is up to you now.  No “Boss”, no time-clock, no benefits and no insurance.

If you want benefits and insurance, you need to arrange for those yourself now.  Given the current premiums and deductibles, even getting those are iffy, at least at first.

What do you do in the meantime?  Do you have to settle for having nothing?  The good news is no, you don’t.  There are other options out there that while maybe not as full-featured or as comprehensive as Major Medical, offers something to help you when times get tough.

You know now as an “Uber-ized” worker that while you work on your own schedule, you have to put as much time in to working as possible.  Not putting time into working means less money coming in and fewer bills getting paid.

So when, not “If” but “When”, that accident happens or some illness comes along and sideswipes you or a family member out of nowhere causing you to miss not just a little time from working but a lot of time, do you just accept having nothing or are you the type to think that something, even if it is not everything, is better than nothing at all?

If having something better than nothing sounds smart to you as it does to most smart folks, then perhaps learning about Voluntary Programs such as those offered by AFLAC will help you to be better prepared for times when illness or injury forces you to miss work.

Even if you do have Major Medical, that only increases the value of Voluntary Programs because while Major Medical pays the medical bills, you can put the Voluntary Programs to much better use paying for things you need at home while not able to work.  Things like groceries, gas, rent or renting videos while you sit there propped up (if indeed you are just sitting there, propped up).

If you are self employed and you think having something is better than having nothing or if you like the idea of paying for the things you need to get by instead of just paying hospital and Dr. bills, then contact me and I will get you some very good information about how to be better prepared for those times when illness or injury keep you from making a living.

Tony Sandoval


Help For Other Beekeepers

Hey Omaha/Metro area beekeepers, Being a beekeeper is a blast. It’s challenging yet relaxing. It’s rewarding while making you earn it. It has it’s causes for concern also.
Beekeepers can injure their backs lifting heavy honey supers. Beekeepers can injure themselves with hammers, nails, and other tools when assembling beekeeping equipment.
Beekeepers can get stung and suffer from severe to acute venom allergic reactions, including developing Anaphylaxis which can send you to the Emergency Room.
In many cases, these things can cause you to miss work. In some cases, insurance through work won’t cover a hobby or non-work incident. What do you do then?
Don’t worry, not only am I a Master Beekeeper and professional Apiarist, I am also an independent AFLAC Associate and can help you learn about programs that can help you in situations such as those I described above.

Big Bear (me) inspecting hive boxes for Spring expansions.

I am a beekeeper, I know what beekeepers deal with and I am here to help beekeepers to be successful, even when beekeeping gets them ill or injured.
Contact me, you’ll bee glad you did.

Big Bear Is Teaching Beekeeping Classes At Metro Community College

Well, it’s pretty much all set now. I am teaching 3 classes and leading one “traveling class” at Metro Community College Fort campus beginning this the summer quarter this June.

The first class is “urban beginning beekeeping”, a six week course that is recognized by the Omaha Bee Club as meeting the classroom requirements of the “Certified Beekeeper” program.

The second class is “Organic Beginning Beekeeping” focuses on using top bar and other alternative hives and organic hive management.

The third class is “Honey; from the kitchen to the coffee table” which teaches participants to cook with honey, judge honey quality and presentation (for personal use not honey competitions), pairing honey with other foods and identifying honeys by variety and appearance. I expect this to bee a really fun class.

The fourth is a “travelling class” in that we visit notable apiaries in Omaha as a group to learn what goes into setting up and maintaining an apiary and a look at how how it is being done in various settings. places currently include a college campus apiary, a teaching apiary and bee gardens and a rooftop apiary on a historic building near the Old Market.

You will be able to find these classes listed in the Continuing Education section of the Summer catalog for Metro Community College.

I’m excited to be able to teach these classes as I work on assisting new apiary consulting clients throughout the Omaha/metro area. Who knows, maybe one or more of the new business/campus apiaries I help set up will be added to future apiary tours.

Why Work With A Benefits Consultant

It’s pretty often that a Benefits Consultant is also a licensed insurance agent as well.  it only makes sense as insurance is one of the most common and sought after benefits a company can offer.  It’s perhaps the foundation of every benefits package that most people ask about when taking a job.

Yet and still, because of some, well, let’s call them “exuberant”, sales tactics and approaches used by many an insurance sales person, the topic of insurance, even as part of an overall benefits discussion, is not often received well by some business owners and decision makers.

There are some very good reasons though for business decision makers to leave their insurance phobias behind and work with a Benefits Consultant.  The first and perhaps best reason is the same reason yo work with any consultant.  That is to gain the knowledge, experience and overall expertise in an area that many people may not have the time, knowledge, interest or capacity to address themselves.

Gulf Worldwide DPI Product Presentation

A good business person is aware of their own strengths and weaknesses.  A great business person makes sure that things get done right whether they do it themselves or they delegate it.  Working with a consultant is smart delegation.  You are bringing in someone who specializes in an area you need or want addressed but not able to address on your own.

A Benefits Consultant happens to specialize in workplace benefits, usually particularly insurance because it is such a prevalent issue in the world of benefits.  A good Benefits Consultant is most interested in putting together a package that best suits the needs and interests of your people and your business.  That often includes and frequently starts with having the insurance discussion.

Don’t shy away from having the insurance benefits discussion with the right person   Look for someone who has invested their time and effort into becoming an expert in their field and has their clients best interest at heart.

Why Wouldn’t You?

These are not the times to be uneasy to talk about improving the range of benefits you offer your employees.  Your budgets are tight, health insurance costs are going up, employees grow more dissatisfied with their jobs as benefits disappear, reduce or are not even offered.

I would like to offer you a no obligation, short and sweet, free presentation of what AFLAC has to offer both your business and your employees.

It takes about 20 minutes of your time and I can meet you anywhere you like.  At your office, a local coffee shop, Panera or anyplace else that work best for you.

If you can give your employees more for less and save your business money and frustration at the same time, why wouldn’t you at least want to know more about it?


Contact me at 402-740-1454 or email at

It’s free, it’s quick and there’s no obligation.  All you need to do now is make the call.

Tony S

If you would like more information, please feel free to contact me using the form below. Please use the comment section to give me an idea of the best date, time and place you would want to get together.

Who Can Get Voluntary Programs?

Do you know that you don’t have to be employed at a business that offers AFLAC voluntary programs in order to have them?

It’s true, I can help the self employed and any individual to get information and access to the AFLAC voluntary programs that could help them be better protected.

What’s really nice to know is how affordable these voluntary programs really are. Most people are surprised to find out that they can be less than a lunch they pick up during the week on a weekly basis.

Contact me here, via private message, at 402-740-1454 or even by e-mail at to arrange a no obligation sit down (takes all of about 20 minutes wherever you want to meet) and get free information to take home and think about.