Apiary Mgmt

As a Master Apiarist (trade level designation) I work with businesses to establish working, productive and profitable apiaries.   Starting an apiary might be for primary products such as direct honey and beeswax products sales direct to the public or to other businesses. 

For others, the apiary may fulfil a secondary or support role such as using honey and beeswax crafts as promotional or gift items, prizes or artistic and educational projects.

Whatever the role, you want your apiary to be productive and profitable.  You want to be an example that bees can be managed in a way that allows them to survive and thrive in a professional and production setting.

I can help you achieve that.  I work with potential and existing apiary owners to establish goals, objectives, strategies, and tactics to realize success.  I work as a contract manager of the apiary so that ownership and control stays with you, the owner.

I can set up, installment and maintain the apiary.  I can train and certify any and all volunteer and paid Apiarists and Apiary Managers that will be necessary for that success.

I can help guide the apiary to be organic certified via Certified Naturally Grown (CNG) requirements and procedures.

You and your business can create an “everyone wins” situation when you set up a production apiary to provide hive products for your sales, distribution, promotional and gifting needs.  By setting up and operating a production organic apiary, you create a healthy environment for bees to not only survive, but to live healthy and thrive in.

Your apiary brings to people more unique and awesome hive products that are locally produced instead of imported from who-knows-where with who-knows-what mixed in it.

Your apiary provides opportunities for professionally trained and educated apiarists whose mission is to achieve all the goals mentioned above along with you.

More bees, healthier bees, safer environments, high quality hive products, getting properly trained people to do the work to make those things happen.  Everyone wins and you are the person or business that can make it all happen in your area.

Contact Tony “Big Bear” Sandoval at 402-370-8018 to arrange a meeting to start your apiary soon.