Apiarist Services

Bringing service and support to you

So many beekeepers or prospective beekeepers would like help with their beekeeping.  Many would join a beekeeping club or association but for a variety of reasons, find that it is impractical for them.  The meetings are on days and times that don’t work with their schedules.  The meeting locations aren’t practical for them to get to.  I hear this one a LOT, they don’t like crowds.  Also, there’s no guarantee that you actually will find the help you’re looking for even then.

I tell folks that by hiring me, a professional apiarist, is a lot like bringing a bee club to them.  I can be a coach, an experienced assistant, an inspector and a friendly fellow beekeeper.

Any of the services I offer professionally can be obtained on their own for VERY reasonable prices.  Signing up for my “Bee Handy” annual services plan me to come to your location, on your schedule.  You get access to most or all of the services I offer at an even more reasonable rate providing you with a tremendous beekeeping value.


Beekeeper Support

Beekeeper support services are offered on a per hour basis.  This includes apiary and hive inspections with the general assumption that an apiary with up to 2 acres of necessary inspectable area and/or actual inspections of up to 4 hives or a sampling of up to 16 hives is able to be conducted in a one hour session.  All sessions are billed at a one hour minimum.

  • Apiary Certification (Organic): Using established protocols, I offer inspection for the purpose of certification of organically managed apiaries.  Fee: $45.00/hour (discount available for Bee Smart Patrons)
  • Apiary Planning:  Over a session of asking the client beekeeper a series of questions, I help beekeepers setup a plan to help them bee better prepared for the beekeeping year ahead of them and put them in a position to bee more successful going.  Fee: $45.00/hour (discount available for Bee Smart Patrons)
  • Backup Beekeeper:  If a beekeeper finds they are going to be away or otherwise unable to manage their hives over an extended period of time, I am able to fill in and perform the necessary tasks as determined by the client beekeeper until they return or are able to step back in.  Fee: $45.00/hour (discount available for Bee Smart Patrons)
  • Beekeeping Handyman:  There are times when need or want an experienced hand at helping with various beekeeping tasks such as building or assembling hives, harvesting various resources from hives, or just being an extra set of hands and eyes for inspections or other beekeeping related tasks.  I am able to provide the requested assistance.  I maintain a “mobile” workshop so I am able to bring a variety of tools and equipment required to completing the tasks.  Fee: $45.00/hour (discount available for Bee Smart Patrons)
  •  Apiary and Hive Inspections.  I am able to perform inspections of hives and apiaries to give beekeepers an objective look at the health and condition of apiaries and hives to help beekeepers know what to focus on as they go forward.  Fee: $45.00/hour (discount available for Bee Smart Patrons)
  • “Bee Handy” Extended Support Plan.  I offer an annual service plan that combines several of the above services into one comprehensive plan that provides support and peace of mind for beekeepers of all types and experience.  The “Bee Handy” plan provides an apiary planning session, two annual inspections of apiaries and hives (Spring and Fall), Backup Beekeeper support up to 14 days over the year, 8 hours of Beekeeping Handyman service over the year.  Rates vary depending on number of apiaries and hives to be included. The annual fee for the Bee Handy plan is $350.00/12 month period.

Bee Rescue and Rehabilitation

  • Swarm Capture.
  • Remove Honey bees and nests from business and residential structures.
  • Remove Bumblebees and nests from business and residential properties.

Both honey bees and bumblebees build nests to live in.  In most cases, the places they build those nests work out just fine to keep them healthy and thriving.  However, sometimes they end up making new nests in locations that make it difficult for them to successfully co-habitats with people.

In far too many of those situations, people have tried to exterminate the bees out of fear and misunderstanding.  In other situations, the bees become extremely defensive because of the close traffic to the location of their nest which creates a public safety hazard.

By making the effort to perform a live rescue of the bees in situations where there is no alternative but to remove them from the area, I can keep more colonies of bumblebees and honey bees healthy and alive and remove any safety issues for people who unfortunately found themselves unknowingly to be seen as a threat to those colonies.

At BBE-Tech Apiary Services, we relocate only those bees and bee nests which are in unresolvable conflict with human and animal habitat.  Of those we do rescue and relocate, I take them to a rural “rehab” bee yard which offers seclusion, an abundance and diversity of forage resources and careful oversight to get them to a status of being healthy and thriving without unnecessary intervention.

When you hire professional bee rescue rescue service providers like Tony Sandoval and his apprentices and assistants, you are getting an experienced, knowledgeable apiarist that is insured and is a registered contractor with Nebraska to open the structure the bees are in, remove them safely, repair the the structure, and create a win-win situation for everyone involved.

By hiring a professional apiarist, you are helping to ensure that the bees being rescued have access to plenty of reliable beekeeping equipment and tools that are used to keep the bees safe as possible and do the best quality work to put everything back together.