About us

The Soouth Omaha Honey Company is run by Tony Sandoval, also known online in various and sundry forums as Big Bear or bigbearomaha.

Contact Info:

Email: bigbearomaha@gmail.com or bigbear@bbe-tech.com

Instant Messaging: bigbearomaha@gmail.com for google or bigbearomaha@yahoo.com for Yahoo chat.

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Phone: 402-370-8018

About Tony Sandoval:

Born and raised in South Omaha, Tony Sandoval has never moved away, but continues to live in and support the South Omaha community.

Always pursuing his passion of bee conservation, Tony continues to learn from and teach others about bee biology and behavior.  He has had his articles published in the national magazines “Bee Culture” and “Farming” magazine.  He continues to do speaking presentations to beekeeping and conservation groups as well.

He is the founder and president of the Omaha Bee Club with members in Douglas, Washington, and Sarpy counties in Nebraska and Pottawatomie county in Iowa.  Beginning with 4 members in 2010, Tony has worked to create a group that allows beekeepers to determine what success is for them and make available the education and resources they are looking for to achieve that success.  The Omaha Bee Club in 2014 now has nearly 120 dues paid members and continues to grow.

Tony believes very much in self sufficiency and supporting one’s local community.  In beekeeping, he believes one is able to do both.