About Me

I was born, raised and have lived in the South Omaha area of Omaha, NE my entire life.  I enjoy saying that not only am I a South Omaha Boy, I am the original S.O.Bee. 

I am a Professional Apiarist and apicultural educator.  I am the beekeeping instructor at Metro Community College in Omaha and I run the Bee Joyful Teaching apiary which is a live bee rescue/relocation project combined with a hands-on beekeeper training and public information program.

Beeing such an avid proponent of all things bees and beekeeping, but living in an area in which beekeeping does not work well as a year round profession, I have added another area of expertise as a professional courier around the greater Omaha metro area.

I have well over 15 years of combined experience doing pickup and delivery service in the area as a truck driver, a parcel courier and even as a transport driver for railroad train engine crews.My attention to care and “doing it right” is as important to me as a professional courier as it is in my apicultural operations.

I beelieve in beeing professional, prepared, having the proper tools for the job and my first concern is providing exceptional customer service.

My idea of “custom courier” service is in providing personal pickup and delivery service to people, being like their own delivery guy.  I provide direct, same day pickup and delivery of the things people need to have and having it sooner than later helps them to be more productive and profitable.

I can help others bee more productive and profitable by helping get those things done that allow them to focus on other things that need to be done instead.

Contact Info:

Email: Tony “Big Bear” Sandoval AKA the S.O.Bee

Instant Messaging: bigbearomaha@gmail.com for Google Hangouts

Skype me at username; bigbearomaha

Find me on Facebook at: BBE-Tech Apiary Services

Find me on Google Plus at: BBE-Tech Apiary Services

Phone: 402-370-8018