About us

BBE-Tech is run by Tony Sandoval, also known online in various and sundry forums as Big Bear or bigbearomaha.

Contact Info:

Email: beesniz@bbe-tech.com

Instant Messaging: bigbearomaha@gmail.com for googletalk or bigbearomaha@yahoo.com for Yahoo chat.

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Phone: 402-740-1454

We offer multiple professional services based on bee conservation.

We believe that not only the direct bee related services we offer, but the professional Integrated Pest Management services as well are ultimately tied in to our original and primary objective of keeping our pollinating bees alive and healthy.

Please feel free to browse through the specific service areas listed in our top menu to find those services which meet your needs best.

Friends and Neighbors:

BBE-Tech is very fortunate to have forged positive relationships with some of the Omaha areas most environmentally responsible and action oriented groups.

Fontenelle Nature Association/Fontenelle Forest

Omaha Bee Club

Douglas/Sarpy County Extension Office

We are also a part of several small business supportive associations and groups that have small business owners and employees working together to help each other succeed.

Metro Omaha Business Coalition


About Tony Sandoval:

Born and raised in South Omaha, Tony Sandoval has never moved away, but continues to live in the South Omaha area.

Always pursuing his passion of bee conservation, Tony continues to learn from and teach others about bee biology and behavior.  He has had his articles published in the national magazines “Bee Culture” and “Farming” magazine.  He continues to do speaking presentations to beekeeping and conservation groups as well.

He is the founder and president of the Omaha Bee Club with members in Douglas, Washington, and Sarpy counties in Nebraska and Pottawatomie county in Iowa.

Tony believes very much in self sufficiency and supporting one’s local community.  In beekeeping, he believes one is able to do both.

As a licensed pesticide applicator in the state of Nebraska, Tony works hard to educate and provide services to area businesses and residents in the area of Integrated Pest Management and it role in reducing, if not eventually perhaps eliminating the un-necessary usage of chemical pesticides.

He has worked very hard to bring a very effective and non-toxic line of pest control sprays made with cedar tree oil into the state of Nebraska and to make sure it is legal to sell and use within the state.  In this effort, he hopes not just to talk about removing toxic chemical pesticides from usage, but offers a viable non-toxic alternative as well.