About us

The South Omaha Honey Company is run by me, Tony Sandoval, also known online in various and sundry forums as Big Bear or bigbearomaha.   I was injured a few years ago in my knee and lower back.  Today, I do as much as I am able to do to take care of my family, my bees and whatever I can to help other beekeepers.  My family helps with the bees as they are able to and keeps me from getting myself into too much trouble.

Contact Info:

Email: bigbearomaha@gmail.com

Instant Messaging: bigbearomaha@gmail.com for google or bigbearomaha@yahoo.com for Yahoo chat.

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Phone: 402-740-1454

About Tony Sandoval:

Born and raised in South Omaha, I have never moved away, but continue to live in and support the South Omaha community.

Always pursuing my passion of bee conservation, I continue to learn from and teach others about bee biology and behavior.  I have had articles published in the national magazines “Bee Culture” and “Farming” magazine.  I also write about the technology used in beekeeping.  I continue to do speaking presentations to beekeeping and conservation groups as well.supporting one’s local community.  In beekeeping, I believe one is able to do both.

 My ambition

South Omaha Honey Company has evolved to allow me to do what I do best, bee a facilitator.

I make locally produced, fresh, raw honey available to local businesses and craft people.  I buy honey from local beekeepers in the Omaha/Metro area.  This provides many of them with an outlet to sell their surplus honey without the stress and rigors that go with bottling, labeling, and selling honey at area market places.  I sell that honey in volume to area restaurants, bakeries, mead makers and others who are wanting high quality honey to serve, cook and bake with.

I am also a beekeeping pollination consultant working with area growers to pollinate local crops to get the best yields with honey bee pollination.

Last, but certainly not least, I am an independent AFLAC associate licensed in both Nebraska and Iowa working to help area beekeepers as well as local businesses, their employees, self employed people and others to get money coming in when injury or illness prevent someone from being able to work and get a paycheck.

I am a facilitator in all of my roles, bringing resources to people that help them to be successful.