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Email: Tony Sandoval AKA “Big Bear”

Instant Messaging: bigbearomaha@gmail.com for Google Hangouts

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BBE-Tech Explained

Why is the website address listed as bbe-tech?  That’s a great question.  It represents an idea I hold to be important to help get “Better Benefits for Everyone” .  The term “Better” referring to improving on what someone has or doesn’t have in place up to this point.  The “Tech” part is there to show that these services and programs I represent are not your Grandpa’s benefits but are presented in a modern, 21st century approach using the technology available to us including web based portals such as AFLAC’s Everwell platform to make accessing one’s information as easy and in productive a way as possible.

About Tony Sandoval:

Born and raised in South Omaha, I have never moved away, but continue to live in and support the South Omaha community.

I am an independent AFLAC associate licensed in both Nebraska and Iowa working to help local people, businesses, self employed people and others to get money coming in when injury or illness prevent someone from being able to work and get a paycheck.  I don’t work for AFLAC, I work with AFLAC.  This is important to note because it gives me the freedom to run my business the way I want it done.

I work with local business owners, self employed people and individuals in and around South Omaha to bring AFLAC voluntary insurance programs and many other Voluntary Benefits to people in ways that make it so everyone wins.  The business, the employees and the individuals who need something to back them up when accidents, illness or injury threatens to keep them from making money.

I choose to work with AFLAC because I believe in what the company is about and how they do business.  I believe that the products and services that AFLAC offers bring value and are excellent resources for people to count on when they need help the most.

I am the founder, President and Master Beekeeper of the Omaha Bee Club (www.omahabeeclub.org) a non-profit association of beekeepers in the Greater Omaha/Metro area.  I focus on providing the important resources local beekeepers need to keep bees alive and healthy such as education, hands on training and making equipment available.

I am a proud member of the South Omaha Business Association  and the National Association of Professional Agents.