Hardware Store Opportunity To Go Above And Beyond

The big, chain home improvement centers have the ability to offer their customers delivery using contracted independent drivers in vans, straight trucks and semi’s to take heavy and large construction materials to a jobsite.

I have been a handyman and a contractor and I know many still in the field.  One thing that is often desired by the handyman and even at  big jobsite is expedited delivery of materials.  Especially those small and medium-sized loads that don’t require a large delivery vehicle.  They would love to get those deliveries anywhere from within an hour to up to four hours from the time the order is made.

However, most of the big stores only offer large load delivery to cover costs of delivery on those heavy trucks.  Of ten the minimum delivery cost will be about $60.00 and sometime the same day.  This often depends on how long it takes to accumulate enough orders to run the truck and where on the delivery route you fall in.

As a small hardware business, your competitive edge is customized, personal service and convenience.  Another thing you can add as an advantage over box stores is expedited delivery for less than truck cost.

Working together, your business and mine can help your customers get exactly what they need, right when they need it.  For less than half the cost of the minimum truck delivery the big stores offer.

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