You Cook, I’ll Deliver

The opportunities for custom catering and personal chef services are growing every day.  People love being able to have a professional cook prepare specialties just for them.  These services meet specialized diet needs, unique cultural recipes, time sanding yet wholesome meals for the on-he-go family, and more.

As a personal chef or private caterer, sometimes the choice is to cook for more clients, or turn down orders in order to deliver what you’ve made.  It’s a hard choice.  Being a top Cook is what you do best and is the best way to spend your effort, time and energy, uninterrupted.

My Bee Line P&D custom courier service makes that decision a lot easier and much more profitable for you.  You get to spend more time cooking, your clients get their orders right away and everyone saves time and money in the end.

If you are a personal chef or private caterer and would like to set yourself up to cook more and deliver less, call me at 402-370-8018.

You can also contact me using the Contact page on this website.

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