Bee Line P&D, The Small Business Profitability Solution

You want to reach more customers and clients, who doesn’t?  You can offer pickup and delivery service.  You don’t want to have to unnecessarily hire more staff, pay more wages, pay more taxes, if there isn’t enough need to justify it.

Up until now, options have been expensive and limited.  Traditional courier services are justifiably not inexpensive.  Hiring staff is one of the most expensive costs of doing business.

Welcome to a new model of courier service.  With the appropriate use of technology and the modern business model of “ridesharing” you now have an affordable and easy to integrate alternative.

On-demand services are one of the fastest growing areas in the business marketplace.  Customers, clients, even your own employees and in-house staff are looking for more on-demand and “last mile” services to help them be more productive and get more out of life.  Bee Line P&D practically gift wraps that for you now.

If you want to offer more, save money, be more productive and profitable, a custom courier service package with me at Bee Line P&D will help you do all that and more.

Contact me at 402-370-8018 to set up your on-demand and last mile courier solution to benefit the people involved in your business today.



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