Boomers Say They Love Bee Line Custom Courier Service

Perhaps the greatest growing group of people calling for the affordable custom courier service I offer are the generation known as the Baby Boomers”.

They are living life on their terms and their terms no longer include running around to pick things up and drop things off.  Up til now, traditional courier services rates have put courier services out of economical reach of private individuals looking for help with moving items and packages from one place to another.

My Bee Line P&D custom courier service has changed that to their great advantage.  Now I am able to be like their own personal “Gofer”.  As in, Go for this and Go get that.  

I can pick up online orders and phoned in orders from local businesses for them and they can have them the same day they ordered them.  Often within about an hour.

I’ve picked up items from the dry cleaner and even delivered items loaned to friends and community organizations for people.

I save them the time, work and stress of driving all over to get things taken from Point A to Point Bee.

Can I do the same for you?  Call me at 402-370-8018 today and leave the driving to me.

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