Courier Pickup Vs Store Delivery

Many people will order items from a local store or an online store with a local representative and choose to have them deliver if it is an available option.  This can be very advantageous to a customer.  

If the vendor does not offer deliver, often they do offer to prepare the package and have it ready for pickup by the customer.  This is also very advantageous, if it is available.

In a great many cases however, when a vendor does offer local delivery, it is typically going out on a truck or large van with several other deliveries and being delivered in a routed order.  Also, due to being delivered in a large truck or van, the delivery costs can be pretty high to cover costs related to vehicles that size and paying qualified operators of those vehicles.

For example, In Omaha there are a couple of great hoe improvement chains, Home Depot and Menard’s , that do offer deliver of ordered materials, equipment, tools, supplies, etc…  They are delivered on large trucks and vans, sometimes even a semi because they load them up in the morning and go out in a set order or route.  Delivery using these means for items that really don’t require that size of a vehicle or need to be in a smaller vehicle for access to the destination point not only inconvenient, it is also much more expensive than necessary.

However, by using a custom courier service like Bee Line P&D, delivery of items that don’t physically require a large truck can be much more affordable and much more convenient to getting to the delivery point.

In some cases these home improvement stores offer smaller vehicles like a pickup or econoline van that the customer can rent instead of using large truck delivery.  This costs less than truck delivery but still requires more of your time and that you operate a vehicle bigger than what you may be comfortable driving.

By using Bee Line P&D you don’t have to swap out vehicles multiple times to rent then return theirs and you still can actually save money over the cost of pickup truck or van rental.  In most cases, those vehicles rent for about $20 for around 75 minutes of use plus a good sized deposit that is refunded upon good return of the vehicle.  Having Bee Line P&D do the same delivery in our own van can be as little as about $10.00 total, depending on mileage.  You’ve already saved nearly $10.00 plus the deposit plus the time it takes to get there, rent the vehicle, drive to your location and unload, then drive back to return their vehicle and get your own.   Whew.

The same thing applies to large chain stores like Walmart, Target and others that offer order pulling and customer pickup.  They don’t offer same day delivery in most cases, especially of things like groceries.    Here again, if you know ahead of time that this is going to work better for you to be delivered the day the order is pulled and delivered, especially to a residential location, Bee Line P&D courier pickup and delivery can be easily affordable and save you time and trouble by allowing you to stay focused on what you are doing while the items you need are being brought to you.

Besides saving you money in delivery costs directly, using Bee Line P&D custom courier saves you time and work.  Time IS money.  Your time is valuable and you need to to on task and paying attention to the things you are already working on or dealing with.  How much are you losing each time you have to break away to go pick something up or deliver something to somewhere else?

Bee Line P&D custom courier.  Beecause doing it any other way gets less thongs done and costs you more than you want to give up.

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