Add Delivery Service To Your Small Biz Without Hiring Drivers

The wonderful thing about the technological age we live in is that you can run a business from your home, storage unit, garage or anywhere else and it really doesn’t matter if you have a brick and mortar or not.

Even if you do, technology has expanded our ability to do business with a much larger market than simply a local, geographic one.  People can not only call and order to have things shipped via Spee Dee Delivery or UPS but they can order and pay online and just come pick it up, ready to go.

Offering delivery used to be a much more costly option as it means hiring additional employees and taking on extra expenses, paperwork and legal stuff.  Not for the faint of heart or unless it is necessary.

What if you could offer same day, local, direct delivery from your home, small shop, etc… without the additional burden of hiring, paperwork or having enough constant demand to justify it?  Wouldn’t that be absolutely awesome?

Guess what?  It’s possible.  As an independent contractor, I am able to subcontract that service to you on an as-needed basis.  You handle the transaction, and offer seamless integration of delivery service to your customers based on a contract with me that creates an “everyone wins” situation.

Your customers can get local same or next day delivery very affordably, you get to offer a premium service very affordably and I gain a new client and new customers who get more done.

Contact me by calling or texting me at 402-370-8018 to start working together to make great things happen.




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