The Bee Line Connection

For frequent previous visitors to this website I have been a source of apicultural information, even entertainment, perhaps astonishment.  That’s beecause when I put on my other hat I am a professional apiarist.  I teach beekeeping classes at a local community college, I will be running a teaching apiary that started this year at a local non-profit animal sanctuary and I do live removals and rescues of bee swarms and nests from property and buildings.

However, as exciting and rewarding as playing with bees for a living is, this is Nebraska.  Apiculture as a full time endeavor is not easily done.  There must bee something more to do to make that full time living, well, livable.  For me, I always end up back in transportation.  I’ve been employed as a local LTL (Less Than Truckload) truck driver, a package and document courier, a crew transport for railroad train engine crews, and product pickup and delivery for other companies.

I’ve done all of these things while offering apicultural services at the same time.  Come to think of it, I’ve been in transportation much longer than I’ve been a beekeeper, though it’s difficult to even think of not being a beekeeper.

Bees are known to go directly from the source of their foraging directly back to their nest in what’s become commonly referred to as a “Bee Line”.  A bee line is considered as a most direct and immediate route to where the bee needs to be.

As both a professional Apiarist and a professional Courier I definitely understand that my customers and clients hire a courier to pick up and deliver whatever it is they need transported from it’s origin to it’s intended destination as directly as possible.

You’ll notice I use words like “direct” and “immediate” but not “fastest”.  That’s because, like bees, I work to ensure an expedient but safe transport of the goods in my trust.  Speed without concern for safety is reckless and endangers the load.  So I never promise the “fastest” delivery but a most expedient and secure delivery.  I make a “Bee Line”.

I take transportation very seriously.  I hold to a set of high yet reasonable expectations of service that are intended to exceed those of my clients and customers.  Whether I am working as a sub-contractor to another service such as SkipTheDishes or with my own contracts, the outcome is the same.

I make a bee line with your packages from point A to point Bee.

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