10 Ways Bee Line P&D Courier Service Can Help You At Home

  1. No vehicle or broken vehicle?  I can make those pickups for you.
  2. Unplanned activities or sudden interruption?  I can get that for you while you’re busy.
  3. Unsure about driving in Winter weather?  I can run for you.
  4. Can’t leave the house, sick family members?  I can get those things done for you.
  5. Vehicle too small to fit what you need to get?  I can probably get it no problem.
  6. Not good with directions, get lost easily?  I can get there and back due to extensive experience in the area.
  7. Not physically able to load/unload items?  I am very capable and have lots of experience handling deliveries very carefully.
  8. Did you order online or by phone from Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Menards or elsewhere for something and need it to be picked up?  As long as it’s prepaid at the store and they know or don’t mind courier pickup, I can get that for you no problem.
  9. Have a large food pickup from a caterer or restaurant for a party or event that doesn’t or is unable to deliver?  I have professional food transport equipment to ensure all hot stuff stays hot and cold things stay cold.
  10. Is the pickup location too far or way out of the way for you to fit into your running around?  I’ll go straight there and take it right to your determined delivery location.

Call Tony today at 402-370-8018 or text to the same number to schedule your pickup and delivery and get more things done.

You can also use the form on the Contact page here to get a quote.

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