Bee Line Custom Courier Services By BBE-Tech

If you know me, Tony Sandoval, AKA “Big Bear” AKA “The S.O.Bee”, you know that I am always hustling, trying to do something that makes a difference while I make a living.  

The one constant I pursue is working with bees, apiculture.  I love playing with bees, doing live bee removals/rescues, teaching, training and doing presentations about bees.  Everything else I do is to help pay bills but are skills I have developed and am good at.

For several years now, I have done local Pickup & Delivery work (P & D) all around the Greater Omaha Metro area.  I’ve been a truck driver, a parts and mail courier, and a crew transport driver for railroad engine crews.  One of the things I enjoy most besides all things bees is being an excellent driver who is able to offer P & D as it should be done.  

I am returning to the P & D field as a custom courier in my own right instead of working for another company because I beelieve that there is a market that is greatly under served in the area and deserves top notch service to making the best of their own home and work situations.

That market is you, the home consumer, the self employed and SOHO business person, the DIYer who needs a better way to get the things they need.

You have been making the most of new technology, order just about anything online.  You buy from Amazon and eBay and also from the local grocery store and home improvement center.  In many cases, just using the shipping that is offered by those sites and getting your items in anywhere from a couple of days to a week later is good enough.

There are times though you need something today, now,  You order groceries online and only need to go pick them up?  Great!  Kid is sick and can’t get out to get them?  Not good.  Just call me, I’ll go get them and take them right to you.

Need to pick up some big, heavy, bulky items from the home improvement store and your vehicle isn’t big enough to carry it?  Maybe it’s just something too heavy or awkward for you to carry, load and unload.  No worries!  I can get that for you.

Do you have packages at the Post Office, UPS FedEx or somewhere else that you don’t have the time to go get them but you need them ASAP?  Give me a shout, I’ll get them over to you.

Try this one, Do you need to move live bees in a package, Hive or nuc box and all you have is a small car or some other vehicle not suited to carrying thousands of flying, stinging insects?  Hey, I do that all the time.  I’ll pick up and deliver those bees where ever you need them.  Not only am I a professional courier, I am a professional Apiarist.

What’s the difference between me and other couriers?  Aside from hauling live bees that is?  I beelieve there is a right way to do things and I don’t cheat.  That means I am willing to see the job all the way through as it ought to bee.

Not only that, I beelieve in going the extra mile (did you catch that extra courier joke I just made there?) when it comes to service.  Other couriers drop their deliveries unceremoniously and leave things where they might be in a poor place.  I want to make sure your packages are where they need to be.  Safe and stored.

I actually enjoy P&D.  I like to see it done right.  I only work on a same day delivery structure.  If you need something by end of the day (same day service), within 6 hours (expedited service), or within 2 hours (Immediate service) so unless there’s a major weather event or I’m having the world’s worst day, you will have it when you need it.

Also, I keep rates simple, by the piece or by the hour.  I f you only need a few things in a short time frame, by the piece rate will bee your best deal.  If you need ALL the space or need to take a lot of time, then you’ll save more money by the hour.  On top of that, to further simplify billing and costs, I take payment in cash and online (I even accept BitCoin) immediately upon completion of service.  Each time, every time.  However, for those that expect to want to use the services regularly and just love what I do for you and plan to use the service at least 4 times a month, I have a monthly client billing program that can be implemented (and offers some cool extras and discounts as well)

Rates are simple with a base per piece rate and per mile in addition to that. (beelieve it or not, you save money this way rather than trying to estimate fuel costs.  Hourly rates area per hour fee also plus miles.


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