Pragmatic Apiculture-Thriving Colonies Are Healthy Colonies

What’s the point of apiculture?

Most people have the wrong idea of what apiculture is.  For the vast majority of people, apiculture is the harvest of hive products such as honey and beeswax from a lot of bee colonies. They are wrong.

The primary goal of apiculture is thriving bee hives.  That’s the secret and the heart of it right there.  If your primary goal isn’t building thriving bee colonies,  you are destined to fail.  It’s already all over but for tossing the money into the fire pit.

Thriving bees ARE healthy bees

Bee colonies that are in a state to be considered as “thriving” are colonies that are highly efficient and extremely productive.  Thriving hives pollinate better and are in position to maximize honey production.  They make the best use of the population and available resources.  They are in the best situation to defend themselves from pests and predators.

As an apiarist, the person responsible for the entire apiary, it is your mission to build thriving colonies.  This is accomplished by managing hives to facilitate colony development.  The primary work of the apiarist is not to do things for the bees or even to push bees to certain outcomes.  The apiarist is focused on facilitating things so that bees have what they need to thrive.

Thriving colonies increase the Apiary ROI

ROI, the Return On Investment, is increased by having more colonies living and staying healthy over a longer period of time.  The investment made in buying bees, hive equipment, materials and everything else is divided by the total number of hives that are producing.  Hives that are thriving produce with the greatest efficiency and effectiveness, thereby increasing ROI.

Bee colonies that are low producers or are not producing reduce total ROI.  Unhealthy bee colonies are poor producers.  Those same unhealthy bees die out more frequently and need to be replaced. Bee losses are thus reduce total productivity which thereby reduce overall ROI.

Apiculture puts thriving bees as the top priority

The apiarist knows that by facilitating for thriving bee hives, increased production is inevitable.  Working toward thriving colonies IS working toward maximum production and ROI.  

Focus is high on proper nutrition all year long.  Also a focus on both apiary and hive logistics and defensibility is extremely important as well.  Bees are going to produce wax and they are going to produce honey.  Producing honey is what they do, it’s what honey bees are made for.  Honey and wax are practically a given.  Our best best to improve the probabilities and achieving maximum production is to give them the environment that supports their natural efforts.


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