Bees are always the first priority in my business

It’s about beeing the best I can be

I am self-employed.  I provide professional beekeeping services and I am a business handyman.  Regardless of what work I am doing, I have a prioritization that all my clients understand and acknowledge.  

I have the best clients in the area because they are able to appreciate and respect the prioritization of bees in my work.  They know that if I get a bee call I may have to wrap things up quickly and come back to the task again after the bee issue is taken care of.

First things first means it all starts with bees

My number one priority is doing live bee swarm captures and live bee nest removals from structures.  All my clients sign off on the awareness that if I get a bee removal call, that takes precedence over anything else.

Mostly it’s seen as a public safety issue.  People freak out in general when there are bees involved.  Bees get defensive when people get too close to their nest.  Put the two together and you have potential for problems.

I try to get to the scene as soon as possible to evaluate the situation and determine the risk to people and to the bees.  In high or immediate risk situations, I’ll try to get started right away.  If the situation isn’t immediately threatening to people or bees, I’ll put up signage and create some distance between bees and people and arrange to come back as soon as the situation calls for.

Bees are the reason I do what I do

Living where I do, bee work isn’t necessarily a year round effort.  Call, Winter and early Spring isn’t very active.  At least, not as far as doing live bee removals, captures and Apiary management.  I still get to teach beekeeping classes and do preparation for apiary management clients.  Then there is making beeswax and honey products for clients to use in their businesses and activities.

When I’m not doing apicultural work, I’m busy with handyman work for a few select clients that I do repair, modification and installation for their businesses.  They are select because they must be willing to accept the bee calls being a higher priority.  Not only are they OK with that, they usually are enthusiastic about being able to support the bee work I do.

Apiculture is my reason for beeing

If I could, I’d do apicultural work all year around, all the time.  Don’t get me wrong, I like doing handyman work and helping small businesses focus on keeping things in good order.  However, my passion really is working with bees are beekeepers.

Going forward, I am building a bigger bee client base.  Providing training and education for beekeepers and managing productive, profitable apiaries with healthy, thriving bee colonies for local businesses using hive products.



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