There is hope in them thar hills

I am working toward a possible new client project in regards to helping someone establish and operate a new production apiary.  The possible client is looking to get into honey and wax production in Nebraska, not all that far away from the metro area.

I don’t know much more than that and couldn’t say much more if I did as nothing is established yet.  However, I wanted to mention this potential project as an example of people finding ways to be involved in apiculture and be profitable as a real possibility.  

Why even bring it up?  It gives hope to have examples of effort, inventiveness and commitment to idealism in bee related activities.  It’s an opportunity to see an apicultural adventure in a for-profit setting right here in our back yard, so to speak.

If it does come to fruition, it has the potential to be the second largest operation I’ve been involved in and that is exciting for me in itself.  I love a good challenge.  The challenge here will be to use methods that are “bee friendly” yet simultaneously productive and profitable on a large scale in a real way.

The most current discussed objective of building up to 500 hives is an example of the effort being considered.  Why is this important?  In a professional POV this lets us explore a possible combined agricultural and animal husbandry operation that could employ a number of apiarist and ag workers going into the near future.

That right there is definitely exciting to me.  There is sssoooo much more to the business of beekeeping than just occasionally inspecting hives and spinning honey.  Done properly, it is a year long operation that focuses on informed preparation and sound planning.

So, it may turn out to be a bust or non-starter.  If the individual is as enthusiastic and determined with the amount of necessary resources and grit in them as will be necessary, this could go somewhere.

I’ll bee sure to fill you in as things develop.  It’s got the potential to be a great apicultural adventure.


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