Windy Days and Old Fences part 2

Obviously, when I have finally remembered to record or take pictures of projects, they all seem to be fence projects.  Fence projects are actually something I don’t do that often, especially big fences so I am amused that the first things I was able to find for you are all fence projects.

This project began as a one panel repair project when I got the call.  When I got there though, three out of five of the panels were down and the remaining two weren’t going to make it much longer.

The property owner, a local property management business that I do work with (I happen to think the owners are pretty spiffy people) at first had hoped to repair the downed section(s) but it because obvious right away, that instead of a one panel repair job, this was going to be an entire rear line replacement.

Had to dig new post holes for a chain link fence across the back.  Interestingly enough, the tie wall ran across practically the exact same line as the fence posts.  Also, the lower ties were further back than the top ties.  Time to improvise.

After the post holes were dug, it was time to take down the remains of the old fence.

Ok now, old fence hauled away, let’s set those fence posts.

When you’re working with something that has been installed way before you got there, you make the best of the situation.  Hopefully you can use skill, experience and tricks of the trade to make it work and look good doing it.

I won’t say it’s the prettiest fence I’ve ever put up by myself, but it’s certainly one of the better looking ones given the circumstances.  Not an excuse, just a reality of the world of the handyman.

So there you have it.  One old, beat up privacy fence removed and a new chain link fence in it’s place.

Also remember, double and triple check parts and materials orders BEFORE you get to the job site.  Just because they are on the pallet or bin that says it’s the part you need, doesn’t guarantee it is the part that belongs there.

Also note, if you go to a hardware/home improvement store and grab something, then decide you don’t want it, PLEASE put the damn thing back where it belongs, not just where your lazy ass feels like dropping it.  Your fellow shoppers will sure appreciate it.

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