A big handyman doing a big job

Now, normally, I just fix fences.  I’m pretty much a one man show here.  There are times though, for my most favoritest clients, I can be talked into doing big jobs.  Jobs like building a privacy fence.

Being a handyman is more than a job, it’s craftwork to me.  I typically stick to things that can be done in short order because many people have short windows to get things done and sometimes, not a lot of patience.

But for a patient and notably awesome client, I’ll tackle the big jobs.  Like a privacy fence….


The back yard of the house was being used as an expressway for anyone in the area to cut through the neighborhood.  Shortcuts are great, until they’re not.

There was a shrub and a fence post in the left side by the corner of the house that had to be dug out. No problem.

This was so not great and was decreasing it’s level of non-greatness for the residents rapidly.

So, we put up a privacy fence because, well, privacy.

Along the edge of the driveway, there was an extended lip that stuck out an extra foot underground. Busted that up in places to get the posts in.

The entire back yard needed to be enclosed to prevent trespassing and even a degree of loitering.  (I mean really people, chill out on your own property.  The sprawl of publicly hanging out shouldn’t cause a mess for your neighbors.)

Of course, just doing the back yard wasn’t enough to really make it a privacy fence.  Something needed to be done in the front too.


It doesn’t seem to matter what type of neighborhood you’re in, someone always seems to be steppin where they ought not.  So, I cut that off right nice.

Doing a fence like this one isn’t all that bad, but when you’re doing it by yourself, it can take up a bit of time and you find yourself wishing for an extra set of hands once in awhile.

I can’t help but to walk away from a project knowing there was more I could have done.  I guess I’m kind of OCD that way.  Sometimes all you can do is the best you can with what you’ve got.  Regardless, I always end up taking notes to make sure the next one is a bit better somehow, even in the littlest way.

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