The transition continues

In response to market influences in the Omaha/metro area, I continue to streamline the professional Apiarist activities I am engaged in.

I will continue to focus on education and training.  I will be focusing the majority of my efforts on preparation of the training Apiary at Scatter Joy Acres, running an Apiary Trade training program. 

I will not be doing “hive calls” or remote inspections on a regular basis.  I believe that preparedness,  education and skills development are a vital difference maker in being an apiarist.  The ultimate goal is not to do these things for people but to train them to do these things successfully themselves. 

Additionally, I intend to continue teaching beekeeping classes at Metro Community College starting back up next Spring. 

Of course, running the Bee Smart beekeeping project is the third corner of my apicultural triangle. In addition to the website and podcast, I will be setting up and making available workshops and other group experience opportunities. 

I look forward to seeing many of you at the “Bee Joyful teaching Apiary” and at the MCC classes in the near future.


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