Helping People in Choosing a GNU/Linux Distro

I have no doubt that when it comes to selecting a computer operating system that GNU/Linux is generally going to be one of the best, if not the best choices available.

The great things that I see with Linux is it’s versatility, it’s potential and it’s “unobtrusiveness”.  That last being perhaps it’s greatest quality.

GNU/Linux is capable of many things.  It runs individual pc’s and devices efficiently and it drives servers and networks masterfully.  As an operating system, it is unrivaled in quality and integrity in my opinion.

Yet, it often goes unnoticed and below the average person’s radar.  Part of this is due to it’s origins in the open but behind-the-scenes collaborative realm of the internet.  It’s development is based in being useful to a person or a team of people wanting to accomplish something specific for their purposes.

They download and install it on their own computers, they use it and the software/apps currently available for it as best meets their needs.  Then as they discover what is not meeting their needs, they change or modify what is already there and share it back to the source so that it might be integrated for others with the same need or use requirements.

This has allowed for terrific development.  At the same time, it has also allowed for terrific diversity.  If anything, the one most common complaint I hear is that there seem to be too many choices.  People aren’t sure if which to select for themselves.

Personally, I find it impossible to think there can be too many choices or too much diversity.  If anything, I suggest that there is too little communication to help people make distinctions in order to make the necessary choices.

And so, here I am, in a position as a person who has the opportunity to use a variety of GNU/Linux offerings in a variety of use situations.  What better thing am I able to do than to help people find the system that will work best for them?

I find it like being a tailor and custom fitting a suit or clothes to individuals then customizing those clothes, tailoring them to their particular needs.  There are indeed a great many choices that can be made.  So much variety in materials and patterns.  So much potential to meet specific uses and occasions.

Yes, helping people select, install and configure the best Linux distribution is indeed a very useful thing I can do.


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