Linux is TLC for Laptops

Nobody sensible likes to be wasteful or throw away valuable tools.  Would you buy a new high end drill only to donate it or sell it in a yard sale a couple years later because it’s warranty ended or it needed a simple and inexpensive repair or maybe just needs a little love and proper cleanup?

Of course not.  That’s silly.  Ridiculous even.  So then why ditch an otherwise fine laptop computer just because the previous operating system on it went haywire or got clunky?  The machine itself is still very usable, it just needs a little love.

Linux is TLC for laptops.  It makes the bad things go away.  It takes the slow, the infected, the bloated and gives it’s innards a new lease on life.  You’d be amazed how fast and sleek that old laptop that wasn’t worth even turning on anymore will work with a fresh Linux install on it.

How many hundreds of dollars did you spend on that valuable piece of technology?  You just want to let it be wasted when all it needs is a trip to the Linux Spa to get lively again?

Depending on how much of your own time and effort you want to put into it, you can revive that old laptop and get years of continued usefulness from it for as little as the cost of an InstallDVD or USB.  That’s right, you’re talking maybe as low as maybe $5.00 to $20.00 dollar to make your several hundreds of dollars of laptop run seemingly like new again.

Heck, if you have the willingness and tech savvy, it could dang near be free entirely.  

I can do a professional install for you for a very reasonable cost if you’d rather just get it done right from the get go and use it right out the gate.

No matter how you go about it, don’t just lose value in an awesome piece of tech just because some proprietary, bloated, out of expensive warranty, software isn’t getting the job done anymore.  

Heck, I can even show you awesome ways to re-purpose those older laptops with their shiny, new Linux lease on life in ways that make your household and your lifestyle way more efficient and less tedious.

Don’t boot out those laptops, just show them some TLC and they will give you way more than you could have hoped for.

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