Updates for October 2017

Get Your Plans Ready

The Fall is cooling us down.   Hive inspections are getting to years end.  Now is a great time to lay out your beekeeping plans for 2018 so that preparation can begin.

Know what your goals and measurable objectives will be for next year.  Knowing that information now can help you figure out what to buy, make, save for, order, etc… ahead of time so your not missing things at the last minute.

One of the most frustrating things in beekeeping is to be in the midst of a situation during an inspection, removal, capture, etc… and realize that either you don’t know what to do next or you don’t have what you need right now.

Remember one of Big Bear’s main Rules; “It’s better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.”  Standing in the middle of a field or yard, geared up, in the thick of things and just stuck for what to do now is terribly stressful.

Apiarist Internships and Apprenticeships

As plans come together for 2018 here at BBE-Tech Apiary Services, more opportunities are opening up to provide professional training for a few beekeepers.

I currently have openings for up to six Interns and two Apprentices so far as plans are right now.  That may change as Apiary management contracts are developed over the next few months.

I am a contract manager of private apiaries for area businesses and organizations that want to use honey and wax especially for their various purposes.  They own the property, the hives and the bees.  I make them productive.

It’s a great way for these clients to have awesome resources to use to sell in or as products, to use for promotional and marketing purposes, and to use as gifts and rewards to their customers, guests, employees and associates.

I have to make sure these hives are productive, profitable and demonstrable.  My clients often like to have me do special presentations for guests who are fascinated with bees and appreciate these people’s and businesses commitment to bee conservation.

In that light, it is a great opportunity for me to bring on interns, apprentices, and journeymen to learn how to do this successfully.  As I grow, my goal is to be able to hire the people who become certified apiarists through this program to build this budding bee business even more.

More information on becoming an Intern or Apprentice for 2018 can be found at my Bee Smart beekeeping project website.

Beekeeping Classes

The beekeeping classes I am teaching at Metro Community College will be on hold over the Winter as they prepare a new location that will allow for more in person and hands-on applied skills opportunities.

The Basic Beekeeping classes will start back up at the new location in the Spring 2018 quarter.

You can always go to the MCC non credit online catalog to keep up to date with when new beekeeping classes will happen.  Look in the “Animals” section to find my classes.

Opening A New Apiary

If you’ve been following me on social media you probably already know that I am working on a collaborative Apiary project with Scatter Joy Acres non profit organization up in the Florence area of Omaha.

Scatter Joy Acres owns the apiary, just like my other clients as well as the property and the bees, etc…  I am going to manage the apiary there which I get to name and will be called, “Bee Joyful Apiary”.

Bee Joyful Apiary will serve as an educational project to provide guests at Scatter Joy Acres opportunities to be around bees in a positive environment and to learn about beekeeping.  I will be doing classes on-site as well as workshops and other activities as well in conjunction with Joy and her team.

Also yes, this will be one of the apiaries that my in terms, apprentices and journeymen will be learning with me at.


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