So, what is the thing here with Linux services anyway?

Anyone who knows me at all knows that at best, I can bee described as “Eclectic”.  Diverse really doesn’t give it justice.  I have many areas and depth of experience in multiple fields simply because I cannot tolerate boredom.  As a result, I have over the years become an accomplished computer network technician and network administrator, a Linux operating system specialist, a professional beekeeper, a truck driver (though I gave up my CDL) and an experienced warehouse manager and inventory freak (I get rather OCD about inventory)

Back on topic…

Linux as an operating system project has been a passion of mine since the mid to late 1990’s.  It represents to me freedom in doing the things I want to do in computing not what someone else thinks I should do and freedom of accessibility thereby making technology accessible to more people who might not otherwise be able to afford it.  I love the community nature of development in which otherwise total strangers living literally across the world from each other can share knowledge and  experience with each other in the pursuit of getting something out of their involvement that allows them to do more on their own.

That, my friends, is nothing short of awesome!

Over the years i have been hired by people to set up home and small business networked systems to help them achieve more with technology.  Linux is a GINORMOUS tool to that end.  Linux powers most of the World Wide web at this point.  Google and Android?  Here because of Linux, thank you very much.

As we step even deeper into the age of technological connectivity, Linux is poised to help anyone take those steps more affordably and more reliably.  Whether it’s having a home server to deliver multimedia content to home entertainment systems or private email servers to reduce prying eyes where they need not be.  Creating shared printing and storage systems, file sharing for the household, you name it, Linux can help us make it happen.  I can put that together for you.

Using GNU-Linux as a home laptop or PC operating system can extend or take most advantage of older or more limited resource computers.  extending their life and usefulness well beyond the warranty and thus increasing the overall return on investment of the equipment.

Not sure how to use Linux systems?  Afraid they might be too different from the system you’ve been using for so long?  Not to worry!  I teach classes on how to use Linux as a “regular” user  and as a “Power User”  in one-on-one private coaching.

I am also going to begin teaching those same Intro to Linux classes at Metro Community College next Spring as well so everyone can get to using and being productive with Linux systems lickety split.

Haven’t you ever wondered where the “Tech” in BBE-Tech came from?  That’s right, trained, qualified, certified Linux geek at your service.

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