Basic Beekeeping Classes Can Build Confidence

Hey folks, many of you know that I teach beekeeping classes at Metro Community College here in Omaha, NE.  Every quarter we start the series over again so that a new batch of potential beekeepers can get a start or current beekeepers can learn more about a specific beekeeping subject at their better opportunity.

If nothing else, taking an in-depth beekeeping class can help improve a person’s confidence going into beekeeping or continuing on.  Having knowledge of things like bee biology, behavior, hive management methods and more can help ease stress and frustration.  Allowing the beekeeper to remain more calm and focused on the tasks at hand.  By being more calm while working with bees, common mistakes, distractions, and errors can be reduced thereby reducing unnecessary distress on bees and making them less likely to become defensive or aggressively so.

Taking classes that go into more detail and offer more opportunities for discussion also allows people to ask questions that will help them be more successful in their own specific situation, meeting their own goals and objectives.

With some potential change opportunities coming for horticultural related classes, there will not be bee classes offered during the Winter quarter.  However, we still would love to see you at the remaining classes this Fall quarter.

You can register online for any of the current Fall classes at the MCC Continuing Education website here.  

3 thoughts on “Basic Beekeeping Classes Can Build Confidence

  1. bigbear Post author

    I’ll also add that aside from the MCC beekeeping classes, I’ll be starting the new teaching apiary at Scatter Joy Acres with intern and apprenticeship opportunities available as well.

  2. bigbear Post author

    Usually, the last class of the quarter is an “Applied Skills” class which allows a live, hands-on experience. For this Fall, unfortunately, I had to forego that session. When the MCC beekeeping classes resume in the Spring, they will be held in a new, more favorable, location that will afford the return of the Applied Skills classes and allow for general hive observation around the classroom based classes as well.

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