BBE-Tech Apiary Services Teams Up with Scattered Joy Acres

It bee exciting news!

BBE-Tech Apiary Services has teamed up with Scattered Joy Acres in Florence to set up a teaching apiary in which beekeeping classes, workshops and Apprenticing opportunities will be available.

As part of the collaboration, Tony “Big Bear” Sandoval will operate and manage the growing apiary for Scattered Joy Acres providing training and apprenticing for Scattered Joy Acres staff and volunteers.  

Teaching new beekeepers what to look for to keep healthy hives.

Bees for the hive will be gotten from swarm captures and live bee removals from houses and properties that hire BBE-Tech Apiary Services for those captures and removals.  Colonies that are healthy enough and survive will be candidates for placement at that apiary location.

Honey from those hives operated at the Scattered Joy Acres Apiary will be used for fundraising and operational purposes by Scattered Joy Acres.

The Scattered Joy Acres Apiary will be the primary training and certification program offered by BBE-Tech Apiary Services.  Special hands-on classes, certification testing, workshops and training opportunities will be able to be conducted at that location.

All in all, this is a tremendous opportunity of collaboration between Scattered Joy Acres and BBE-Tech Apiary Services to provide unique self-reliance learning and values of stewardship to area residents.

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