The S.O.Bee Experiment in 2018

Plans for 2018 beekeeping involve setting up a “distributed” apiary around the South Omaha community.  

The things I am looking at in this experiment are the results of keeping hives further apart from each other than in a typical bee yard where hives can literally be side by side next to each other.

The plan is to place 2 hives per location, no closer than 10 feet part and up to approximately 50 feet apart ideally.  

Some of the reasons for the placement is to see the effects of disease and pest presence and impact on separated and widely distributed hives.  These will be compared to a control group at a standard apiary where hives are within 2 feet of each other. 

The properties the distributed hives are on will be at private residence properties in the general area from the Missouri river to 72nd St and from about Martha St to Harrison St.

The hives will be 8 frame hives managed for honey and beeswax production.   The property owners will not have to put up any money to be a part of the project but “might” be able to get a share of honey depending on if hives survive, produce a surplus and stay healthy.


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