Bee Better Business

Do you reward staff for exemplary effort?  Do you thank clients for loyalty with perks?  Do you give small, memorable gifts to guests to keep you in mind?

Nothing says “special” like fresh, natural items from the hive.  Decorative jars of honey, hand made candles and soaps, lip balm and skin creams.

What better way to let others know that your business is dedicated to quality and dedication.  That commitment to excellence is more than just a slogan, it’s how you make things happen.

You can have all those things to offer and stand out in the community because of your efforts in conservation.  Bee conservation.

I bring a special and personalized opportunity to local businesses by helping them to establish apiaries where they are or on selected properties and managing those hives in a way that keeps bees alive, healthy and thriving while producing high quality products of the hive such as honey and beeswax items just for their use.

They are your hives, your apiaries and your harvest.  As a professional, certified Apiarist, I can manage the hives, care for the bees, harvest only the surplus and make the items you want to share, preparing them with your choice of containers, labels and presentation.

Bee unique, bee a standout, bee your best.

Contact me, Tony “Big Bear” Sandoval, the S.O.Bee at 402-370-8018 by phone or text to arrange a free consultation on making your business bee even more special.

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