Welcome to S.O.Bee Apiaries

Yes, I’ve finally gone round the bend and finished my diabolical plans for a honey, beeswax and bees production apiaries operation right here in South Omaha.

This apiary operation is the culmination of much planning and experimentation leading up to this point.I am identifying a certain number of properties in the three zip codes areas that make up the most of the part of the metro area known as South Omaha.  Those zip codes are; 68107,68117, and 68108.

Each location will have 2 hives located on the premises.  Hive management will be handled entirely by me and such apprentices and interns as are enrolled in the training program at the time.  Each property owner will be agreeing to planting specifically to meet the nutritional needs of the bees which includes the gardens and plants they have or plan to have including others in a list they receive.

In return, they get awesome pollination services and a share of the surplus honey produced at their location.

I am very excited to begin this next phase of operations for BBE-Tech Apiary Services and what can bee accomplished to keep bees healthy and thriving while helping an entire community have bees present to make the whole area bee awesome.


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