BBE-Tech Helps You Help Bees While Bees Help You

What can an apiary do for your business, organization or school?  

Many things actually.

Having an apiary can provide you with products of the hive such as honey and beeswax to use as gifts, unique promotional items and supplies for your own needs.

Having an apiary connects you uniquely to the local and community n ways that hardly anything else can.  The bees in your apiary are pollinating your neighbors gardens and trees.   Having an apiary allows you to provide unique experiences for community members, customers and visitors.

Having an apiary gives you an entirely new perspective on the issues facing bees and beekeeping that can only be understood by an “insider”.  You become an advocate for bees and beekeeping that carries gravitas and authenticity.

How can having an apiary help bees?

By operating an apiary of your own, you are providing an environment that is supportive of bees.  A well managed apiary allows bees to not only survive and live but to thrive and be productive.

Another benefit of having a well managed apiary is that you are being a good neighbor in the community providing desirable nesting space for bees and working to facilitate the natural development of bee colonies instead of them being forced to seek those growth opportunities out in the community beyond your apiary, leading bees to often unsuccessful  nesting locations and possibly becoming problematic structural concerns for neighbors.

How can BBE-Tech Apiary Services help you?

Tony “Big Bear” Sandoval is an experienced professional apiarist specializing in the setup and management of productive, successful apiaries.  Big Bear has been offering beekeeping instruction, mentoring, consultation, live bee removal and apiary management services in the Omaha/metro area  professionally for over eight years.

As a Master Apiarist (a trade level of qualifications and capabilities) Big bear is able to design and implement and apiary to meet your goals and objectives.  He is able to provide the requisite training and education to help your designated personnel be successful Apiarists and Apiary Managers.

Tony is also able to work with apiaries over long term after setting you up to provide apiary program success as a consultant as well as providing successful apiary services such as audits, inspections, organic certifications and troubleshooting.

Bee part of the solution, not part of the problem

Whether you maintain an apiary as part of a business operation, a non-profit community program or individually as a hobbyist, BBE-Tech Apiary Services and Tony “Big Bear” Sandoval can help you bee successful.  You hep bees, the bees help you, everyone wins!  

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