Beeing Handy

Some folks who follow along here might know that in addition to being an “apiary engineer”  I am also a handyman for a specific rental properties owner as well.

In my handyman work, like my apiary services work, I focus on a specific market or target group needing those services.  For live bee removal, most of my time is spent on providing services to local construction, tree service and similar types of businesses that need immediate attention due to an immediate need for safety and job workflow.

In my apiary services, I spend the greater amount of my time on local businesses and rural beekeepers who need access to inspections, hive management services and instruction/presentations.

In all of these areas I work in, it requires a flexible mind to create solutions on-the-spot often with limited access to resources and time.  It often requires what I call “sideways” thinking.  That is, taking information and skills applicable to one area, like construction/structural repair and applying it to apiary setup, structural bee nest removal, etc…

I love tools and technology.  Those can make a person much more productive, efficient and effective once the basic skills in use have been achieved.  Having said that, no technology, cool tool or anything else can replace hands-on work.  There are many times I use the “old-school” methods and equipment to get a job done because the situation is best resolved that way.  In other words, just because a cool tool or piece of technology can do something doesn’t always mean it is the best way in any given circumstance.

You have to bee able to think on your feet and have the experience and wisdom to see each job, each task on it’s own to get the best result for that job.  Whether it’s something to do with bees or repairing a roof or building a fence, each job and task in its own way, in its own time.

That’s how I approach my work.  I want to achieve the best solution to make everyone involved a winner.  The client, the bees and yes, me too.

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