Every handyman has a specialty

Obviously, as an Apiary Engineer, my true calling in life is working with bees, especially live rescue and relocation.  When I’m not doing that though, I’m a Handyman.  Like most Handyman types, I have a specialty.

Mine happens to be storage and organization.  I work with home owners and business people to get the most effective use from their space.

Cabinet and shelving systems, pallet racking and workbenches, closet , garage, shed and basement organization with a variety of popular tack and modular systems.  I live to do this stuff.  well, outside of working as a professional apiarist anyway.

My other area of specialization is fencing.  Wood, vinyl and chain link.  You need a fence installed, I am your handyman.  

Yes, I do repairs to roofing, siding, cement, drywall and more.  If given my preference though, I’d spend any time not working with bees, doing storage and organization.

If you are in the Omaha metro area and need someone to help make your spaces more effective, efficient and productive, I am your handyman.

Call me at 402-370-8018

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