Bee Related Onsite Job Support

I rent PPE gear (personal protection equipment) such as beekeeping jackets and hats/veils to businesses involved in outdoor work that occasionally find themselves interacting with flying, stinging insects such as bees, wasps, and hornets.

I also offer “bee management” services to help calm bees and offer advice to workers to minimize stings and avoid distressing bee colonies or inciting a stinging frenzy.

Work areas that find these types of support services very helpful are free cutting, structural restoration/construction, pest control, lawn maintenance/gardeners, etc…

If you find yourself facing bees or other similar stinging insects, having access to PPE and support to minimize stinging behavior can help get jobs done safely, quickly and in higher quality due to not being distracted or rushed.

PPE: These items are available for rental on a daily or weekly basis.  (May be picked up, jobsite delivery is available at a nominal extra fee)

  • ventilated, “sting proof” jackets and veils.  
  • Leather, elbow length gloves to reduce stings to hands and reduce accidental “squashing” which causes pheromones to be released, inciting increased stinging behavior.
  • Cuff straps to close pant legs and shirt sleeves to prevent stinging insects from climbing underneath clothing.

Jobsite Bee Support

  • It can be very useful and effective to have a professional apiarist on-site to help reduce bee colony distress and consult on effective methods of working around flying bees and reducing stinging activity.    
  • Scheduled on-site job support is available billed by the hour.   Emergency  support (apiarist on-site within 2 hours) is sometimes available.

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