Bee Support For Storm Repairs

A day in the life of a professional apiarist.

Got a call today from a local company that specializes in rebuilding buildings after structural damage.  That would be Paul Davis Restoration.  They called while a crew was stalled in the LaPlatte, NE community waiting to cover roof damage to a historical building.

The crew noticed bees, not being sure what type of bees they were, and instead of calling an exterminator, called me for assessment and assistance to keep their crew safe during the cover up until official action can be determined.


I worked the bees at the nest entrance, they were indeed and obviously honey bees, and made beekeeper jackets and veils available for the crew to use.  I advised them how to work around bee traffic and nest entrance activity to reduce possible distress to the colony and causing aggressive, defensive behavior.

No one was stung by the honey bees and no harm was done by the crew to the honey bees.  Hopefully, when it comes time to determine what to do next, they will call me to do a live removal of the colony.

I really do want to thank and commend Paul Davis Restoration and their crew for taking such care and giving such consideration to beneficial pollinators such as honey bees in the course of their work.


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