Bee A Better Mentor

Beekeepers and mentoring go together like honey and tea.  Part of it is the natural enthusiasm to share the experience.  Another reason is along the lines of giving back to the community after having gotten mentoring oneself.

Whatever the reason, beekeepers are all about mentoring for the most part.  The problems come when there aren’t enough or any mentors available.  Most mentors are volunteers.  They often have day jobs, families and bees of their own to take care of.  Their time is limited and then is the ability to be available for others.

Many want to be a mentor but lack the confidence.  That’s understandable.  No one wants to feel as though they aren’t doing the best they can or might be letting someone else down.

As a beekeeping coach, I provide training for beekeepers on their schedule and their terms.  They pay for the opportunity to get professional support and assistance.  Many people aren’t looking for that type of help though or perhaps can’t afford to.  For them, they can only hope to find a volunteer mentor.  

I offer training and support to help beekeepers who want to be a mentor but want to learn how to teach and guide.  It’s one thing to show others what you do, it’s something else entirely to take the next step and teach beekeeping beyond your own experience.

I can provide the education, training and support resources so that you can be the best mentor you can be.  Not only that, I can provide you with support and access to resources beyond your own so that you can really go the extra step to help those you mentor be their best as well.

Sign up to be a BBE-Tech Apiary Services “Metro Mentor” and bee the best mentor you can bee.

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