I Do Bee Rescue For A Living, You Can Help

So yes, I run a business which is rescuing honey bees and bumblebees.  When I’m not doing that, I am a beekeeping coach, instructor, train beekeeping mentors, teach beeswax crafts classes, and do presentations for people who are not beekeepers.

l remove honey bees and bumblebees from locations that conflict with health and safety with people and animals.  I do charge for the professional removal as they were going to pay an exterminator to remove the presence, why not pay me?  This service requires me to have the things you would expect from a professional.  The proper tools and equipment, the necessary training and knowledge, business liability insurance, etc…   I ran a local pest control business for over five years, finally I had to choose between bee conservation and pests.  I choose to remove the bees and the bee nests (according to the State of Nebraska, bee nests should be completely removed whenever possible to prevent structural damage and health concerns).  I then work to close up the area so as to prevent future occupation by bee swarms.

After successful removal during which great care is taken to keep the bees calm and to prevent inciting a stinging frenzy, I take the colony or swarm to one of two locations.  Before moving them from the removal site, I test and assess to determine health conditions.

If the colony is strong (usually common in a good sized swarm) they are taken to the teaching apiary at B &  B Farms.  This allows them to build for future production and to be included in the hands-on beekeeping trading workshops and retreats conducted on site.

If the assessment determines the colony is not healthy or strong enough for the production/teaching apiary, they are taken to a special “recovery” Apiary to begin the process of being self-sustainable.  Once future assessment indicates they are strong enough and healthy enough to be self-sustainable, the hive is moved to the production\teaching apiary.

The “production” is honey, beeswax, nucs and queen rearing of our collected, successful “survivor” colonies that have shown successful adaptation and desirable traits important to managed beekeeping.

Want To Bee A Hero?

While I do charge the clients for the removals as it requires the appropriate tools, equipment, training and knowledge about bees, that pretty much covers the removal itself.

The ongoing care and equipment necessary to help build up distressed colonies and get them to the point of being healthy and self-sustainable requires ongoing nutritional care and equipment.

This is where our Bee A Hero program comes in.  For $1.00 a month, you get a monthly digital newsletter that updates you on our activities, events and the ongoing status of various rescued bee colonies. 

Those contributions help me to keep up with nutritional and equipment needs of those colonies at the “recovery” apiary.  Our goal is to build an “army” of Bee Heroes in the number of 2,500.

 Imagine a group of people that big helping bees to survive and thrive who are also learning more every month about the beehind-the-scenes work of bee rescue.

You are the next generation of bee ambassadors to teach and influence others in your community about helping our beneficial pollinator bees to be self-sustainable and have thriving colonies.

Sign up by clicking the button link to Bee A Hero.

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